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I'm sorry you expected something different, but I feel the description is pretty clear: it's just a prototype that you can drive around. The cities are procedurally generated, (pressing enter makes a new one from scratch.) I'm not sure where you got the impression that procgen implies infinite, as that's not always the case. Procgen just refers to generating objects, places, or things from code rather than creating them by hand. Cheers

Cheers, thanks for the comment! I'm working on a proper game using this generator, hopefully out later this year-

Thanks for the very informative comment, and glad you enjoyed it! I'm trying to spruce the game up a bit post-jam, so I'll definitely keep those things in mind~

Thanks, I'll make sure to check it out! Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere

Thanks for the comment! The code is a real mess, but it basically follows the algo on the game page. I'll definitely consider writing a more detailed  breakdown at some point though~

Thanks! There was originally no cap to the speed, but it was a little intense for an exploration game, so I pruned it back.  It is fun to do the spiderman thing though haha

This is really something, it's very surreal looking at an entire gallery of some random internet celebrity that came to mind at the podium. Great work!

Thanks, glad you liked it! I agree the shafts are kind of a breath of fresh air after all the tunnels. If you mean the last screenshot, that was actually from a bug where I clipped through the map geometry haha. The other shot is from the unity scene view. Currently the only exterior view is with the map, but I might change that in the future

Haha I'm planning on adding handrails, but didn't have time for the jam version. Glad you liked it - grappling hooks are always a good time

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! No plans to release the source right now, as it's messy and I'm going to change a whole lot. I'll consider a no-clip mode though, it might be interesting


Thanks for playing my humble game and for the great feedback. Yeah, I've been aware of the ammo problem, and am planning on a better system in the future. Melee is planned at some point as well, probably when I overhaul/replace the character controller. The menu options was definitely an oversight, and should be a simple fix for the next patch. I'm not sure if I'll be able to implement a brightness slider but I'll definitely look into it! 


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Please post any bugs, feedback or questions here. The game is very much a WIP, so any feedback will be very helpful and appreciated! I'll make sure to monitor this regularly.    -Steven

I really like the organic shapes of the buildings, reminds me of Gaudi

Very relaxing to watch the rain go by. Great concept.