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Super cute concept and I liked being able to name + select my dragon to fight with haha. Well executed fighting game, congrats!!

this was so relatable T---T down to the family group chat being all in chinese hahah and the calculator locked to practice mental math omg haha. i barely message my mum but this inspired me to try to message / call her more and see if she responds like Polly's mum <3 thank you for making such a sweet game!! going to eat tang yuan now

super cute game and stunning art! 

Thank you so much! So happy to hear you liked the audio and the visuals. Here's the track on soundcloud:

Ah so happy to hear that, thank you so much for checking out my work as well! :) 

Hello, thank you so much for your review! I agree that @pke1029 did a great job with the concept, art and programming for the game, and it's great to see someone give such thoughtful comments. 

I wanted to respond to the parts of the review that I could, as the person who did the story and music. I agree that I'd like to have done one track per level if not for the time constraints of the jam - happy to hear that you agreed with this idea! I'm also blown away that you've compared it to Celeste, as I wasn't sure that the mental health aspect of it would be evident from the slightly cryptic dialogue. I'll have to keep your comments in mind for future dialogue (I agree the resolution was a little sudden and if not for a boss fight or other obstacle I think the dialogue could have led the player along to it in a more satisfying way). Thanks again for your kind review :)

oh thank you so much!! i had a lot of fun using tic80 for this and it's pretty accessible as a tool, would recommend trying it out if you're interested in trying out 8-bit music creation :D 

so relatable + uplifting, great message <3 love the art style!

such a fun game!

super cute, can't wait for full game <3 love these cooking themed games haha