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Amazing! I'll be looking forward to the full game.

Well done.

Is she ok?

I wonder what is real. They said humans, so maybe even their appearance an illusion.

I wonder what he did.

Is there another ending? 

Nice use of themes and optional bonuses.

Some clues to who did it would be nice.

I found the killer but now I'm curious of why they killed.

Styled after point-and-click adventure games, Summer in Memoria spins a dark narrative against a surreal backdrop. Explore strange lands and solve puzzles to help you complete your mission.

Along the way you'll find:
-Artifacts: They have no discernable effect, but maybe they'll be helpful later?
-Memoria: Special abilities to help you in your task.
-Objects that may or may not solve the puzzle you're stuck on.
-Creatures that are humorous or disturbing, or even both!

Your name is Leonard. You are playing tag with your friends. Tag all eleven and you win the game. It's that easy! Or is it?
Why are you compelled to do this? By who? For what purpose?

Happy to see this here.

Dang, there was a free one in the forest? I bought it from the port town for 750 Shillings.

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I'm starting to think that I wasn't supposed to get that "Really Nice Long Sword" as early as I did. It was much better then the sword the guy gave me and it costs less in the city.

Thank you for playing. I'm sorry about the bugs.

The story was not intended to be funny so I'm not to sure what to say about that.

The shadow things are enemy encounter spots. I don't like random encounters so I made the spots enemies can be encountered visible.

Thank you for playing.

This is great! Love it.

That was great, really enjoyed it.

I'm wondering why he did it. I guess some people are just born bad, but I feel like there's probably something bigger. He went through a lot of trouble to start a war. Was trying to get revenge? Maybe he believes by starting the war he'll stop something worse from happening.

I want to release an updated version, I'll try and make it more clear how to get the good ending.

Thank you for playing.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I had fun making my game, hope you all did too.

Looking forward to future jams.

  1. Only one person taking damage was intentional but the combat was never fully finished.
  2. If I do an updated version I'll do my best to add a back button on the character creation.
  3. I'll make the exits more obvious. (Again if I do an update.)
  4. The lack of animation was an attempt to emulate the look of old PC games like rogue.

Thank you for playing.

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Your game was the best and it deserved to win. The game that got second was the second best.

It's silly that I'm not allowed to be a little perturbed that my game ranked lower in an RTP game challenge against a game that wasn't using the RTP.

I lost to a game that wasn't using RTP and a game you couldn't play.

That's fine.

The jam started 6 months ago, and ended 3 months ago.

At this point any update you could give us would be very appreciated.

Even if it's news that it has been canceled or called off would be better than nothing.

That was a very cute game. I liked the characters.


Very cute. The elemental power mechanics are super cool.


I don't think this is RTP.

Sadly it freezes when the enemy attacks.

Something I'm wondering is why there's a character select when you don't have a choice. Just curious. 

The tileset on the world map changes, if you get stuck just wait a moment and you'll be free again.

True and love you.

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Oh no.

The tile set changes but if you wait it frees you.

It's going pretty good I think.

Good luck!

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Hope you're well and had a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!


Very exited, looking forward to results.

That's a good question. 

Good game. Good job. 

Are they using edited images as their cover photo for Itch or in their actual game?
In RPG Maker MV and MZ (Not sure if it was possible in VX or ACE.) you can have it draw the name of your game on the title screen.

Very nice.