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Android version of Santa's Delivery is live on Santa's for Android

Santa flies in a sleigh during the delivery of presents on Christmas.  Santa's Delivery on Christmas by stan.gamedev (

For children and adults play Santa's delivery on Christmas.

Phenomenal open 3d game with aliens, weapons, a railroad tram with tracks to an alien base.

Free upgrades after purchase.

Purchase this Halloween Storm and receive free upgrades.

The new release increases the number of zombies, enemies, vehicles, and a surprise ending if you win.

I added a video of the game, "Zombie Survival."

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The full game will be provided at a low-cost for those who purchase the initial release!

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A new 3d game, "Zombie Survival," provides the player with an immersive attack by zombies, other enemies, and a road to escape by sports car.  Purchase of the release provides the player with free upgrades to the update with more zombies, enemies, and obstacles to the escape.  This game is completely unique given zombies are frozen by weapons, and roam about a village, with realistic roads to escape on!

Link: Link to "Zombie Survival."

Purchase this version and receive an upgrade with more zombies as you try to escape with a sports car.

Thank you for your positive intention to publish my game.  I emailed a response to your request.

Given no downloads included a donation, I have to provide a price to support my game development.

For kids and adults to analyze the game to find a way out.

Thanks, and more games to arrive soon, with Summarian Virtual Reality "Mars Landing."

Order both windows, and android versions at a 50% reduction, and play the windows version and android version anywhere.

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Play Ukraine3d Android Game on your cell phone or tablet, wherever you travel, to shoot down Russian jets, and helicopters defending Ukraine from an invasion.

Download "Runner," for Android:   Runner for Android - APK Download (

Android version of the popular Ukraine 3d game for windows.  Now run the game with your Android phone with jets, helicopters, rockets, and cluster bombs, analogous to Ukraine War with Russia.  Use the program "Runner," which is free to download.  Link: Ukraine3d Android Game by stan.gamedev (

Video provides the windows version, which contains additional images, although the major capabilities to shoot down Russian jets and helicopters are provided.

Complete Ukraine3d Game with Russian jets, attack helicopters that may be shot down with rockets, as they drop bombs and other projectiles.

The second Ukraine zip file is a complete upgrade to the first zip file!

Recent upgrade with attack helicopters that can be shot down as Ukraine soldiers.

 Upgrade provided with attack helicopters as well as Russian jets with weapons and capability to be shot down as Ukraine soldiers do!

Upgrade uploaded for Ukraine3d with the capability to shoot down Russian jets!

Upgrade to Ukraine 3d now available to download with capability to shoot down Russian jets!

Upgrade zip file containing the additional game resources available now!

Upgraded the game Ukraine 3d.  If you purchase now you will receive an upgrade with more jets, shooting them down, armed soldiers.

Ukraine 3d with jets, vehicles, and destruction.

Fight Russian destruction of the city with rockets, as jets drop bombs.  Link:  Ukraine3d by stan.gamedev (

Jets, rockets, jeeps, and vehicles with people.

Under $5.00 cartoon 3d game with aggressive rabbits, and a jetpack.

Analogous to Ukraine's counterattack against Russian invaders play this realistic 3 game.  Link:  Counter Attack by Ukraine Solders by stan.gamedev (

Analogous to counterattacks by Ukraine soldiers against Russian invaders.

Hidden enemies throughout this realistic game with multiple weapons.

Zombie City 3d Gameplay with Zombie attacks, defense, weapons, fly with a jetpack to access locations above ground. Link:  Zombie City 3d Game by stan.gamedev (

Buy for $4.,95 reduced costs!

Zombie City 3d Game with Zombies, weapons and jet pack to fly to new heights!

Putin conscripting Syrian soldiers to fight in Ukraine.