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thank you for the feedback!

that was a LOT of corpses

really unique art style, would love to know more about how you did it / what inspired it. wasn't too sure what to do after the first puzzle and getting the lantern. hope you keep building on it.

cool visual novel, spooky atmosphere. I thought the layout with the four windows was really interesting. would love to see the same concept with more choices or an additional game mechanic

Great job with the monster and music cues, I was actually scared when it first popped up.

Loved the art and overall tone, really liked your ending. Some text was challenging to read but I appreciated the style. Would love to see this fleshed out into a longer game.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I decided to lean on horror as an aesthetic rather than essential to the gameplay. Definitely would've dedicated more time to balancing if I had it. If you spend enough money on research with the labs you can unlock bonuses. (better storage, cheaper buildings, etc.)

Thank you! Your game's cover image caught my eye earlier, I'll definitely be playing it after work today.

solid game, liked your art style. spooky for sure.