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I was looking at the Japan-Korea-China map - very impressive.  I was wondering if anyone could expand that down to Malaysia and over to Guam.  I would think that 400 down would cover that region.  I have no artistic skill and am amazed at the global maps and the one mentioned above

One last item - how do I reset the build time?  No matter what I set the build points to it defaults to the value of the item that I copied.  There doesn't seem to be a way to access the value.  In this case, being made from a Carrier puts the build time way out of line with all the other aircraft.

I didn't think about the carrier!  I tried an airbase and that broke things. I tried other aircraft.   But the carrier configured like you suggested seems to work.  Thank you much!

Is there any hope for air refueling?  I have tried a few different modifications but without success.   Otherwise loving the game and the improvement and ESPECIALLY for bringing back multi-human play without a network or email - now its more like playing a board game with a group at the house!!!

For some reason it was not quite as straight forward as described below.  I had to use cd to walk down the file tree to the file before I could chmod +x and then the rest of the directions worked - YES!  it worked