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I hope that there is a Part II ? The ending was quite abrupt and I learned nothing. The graphics were good, and the effects were also  good. However, the extremely bright lighting was a bit annoying.  Also, I felt like the effects were being used a little too much? That's my input. Overall, great job though!  

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Hi everyone! I just published my game Accuracy to! This is my first game! Accuracy is a simple FPS shooter where you shoot a target that will continue to move, and then you are scored based on your accuracy. Your highscore is presented to a global leaderboard! Accuracy also includes a little shop where you can buy custom targets with the in game currency. Don't worry, the in game currency is simply earned by playing the game and receiving good scores. The online features are supported by Gamesparks, a trustworthy platform that games like , "7 Days to Die" use. I'm interested to see where everyone ranks! Thanks for reading! Here is a link to Accuracy:

Hey man, I just wanna recommend putting those three download files in a zip folder. Then just upload the zip folder to the site!