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Thank you s much for checking out the game!!! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it :D 

As for Charlotte, she might make an appearance again in the future. I know I won't be forgetting her anytime soon ♪(´▽`)

I messed up the entry writings on the first day I was playing - forgot I was going for a weekly entry instead of a daily approach - but immediately course-corrected the gameplay over the following sessions. Ultimately found myself on the Entity's ending path, where my Agent choose to give up on the Agency encounters in exchange for a peaceful life in a different timeline. It got intense at times, but I enjoyed the story all the more! I can't wait to play Project ECCO again for future sessions! :D

Finished my first session of the game, and I loved every minute of it!

Aww thanks! <333


I tried this a couple of days ago, and was pleasantly surprised by what happened to each of my characters' personal histories. They literally took a life and experiences of their own in ways I wasn't expecting. I will most likely use this more from now on. Thank you very much for making Session Zero :D

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Since apparently I forgot to comment on this game after playing Amir's story, I just want to say what they did to that man was sexy af. I have never been both afraid and in awe of a character until I played this. Awesome job! 

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Another great job guys! I wasn't expecting to have my knees turn jelly for the man. He's such a noble soul and his passion for research is truly endearing <33

Wishing you all the best, PJ. I think you deserve all the rest you need to recover and do the amazing things you want to do. Take care <3

Thanks! Unfortunately, there aren't impactful consequences to be expected besides a minor shift in the lines, but I am hoping to master the program and variables more through the upcoming projects :D

The wait was worth it! I enjoyed every second of Baxter's DLC, and the growth he undergoes towards the ending (fortunately got his romantic ending on my first try, yey!!!). Even if it saddens me that there won't be more to come, I will happily treasure the moments I spent with his route <3 Congratulations for the hard work guys! You are amazing :D

This was very quirky, definitely did not expect that twist XD Was it even our real Dad?

My anxiety levels raised up when the timer came up. This was a sweet story all things considered, even with all that's happening. I hope they work it out eventually and Casey gets to be finally themselves to their loved one. At least I had Tommy's support in the end :')

This was an insightful read <3 Thank you :D 

Thank you for the interest! Due to technical issues from last summer, this story is unfortunately between cancelled and on hiatus. I still occasionally write the drafts for L'Hiver in the event I pick it up again in the future.


Sure thing :D

This is amazing! I can't wait to try these out. Thank you! :D

This means a lot, thank you <33

Been following your project since the early Choicescript version, and time and time again you've made me fall in love with Cyril. Congratulations on the release date! I can't wait <33

Thank you for fixing the bug issues! I finally got to read everything up to last update. All I can say is, Jack, please come back... ಥ_ಥ

The problem is I got locked out of my old DLSite account :') 

But yeah, it's kind of frustrating seeing everything you've built up from the start of your journey as a visual novel dev disappear just like that. I've certainly learned my lesson. Thank you for your words of encouragement <3

Congrats on Mori's full release! I was already enticed after playing the demo, but now I'm extremely glad for this game. Not just because of the monster *ahem ahem* parts

The update on the GUI and the added special effects on the background were an absolute treat. That and the monster ending I got ~\(≧▽≦)/~

I wonder if you have any plans on having a gallery to look at the CGs?

Looking forward to the rest of the characters! Can't wait to f*ck meet them all. 

Great job! This game was amazingly creepy. After seeing creepypasta and r/nosleep mentioned in the description, I knew I had to play this. Maybe the secret to improving our vocabulary and studies in general is having a man clad in shadow standing outside our window? Studying for survival taking a literal form. Coincidentally, a couple of days ago I was listening to S17E08 featuring "A Study in Solitude", additionally, my window faces the flat entrance, so, maybe I'll keep them close for a while. Just to be on the safe side. 

Thank you for checking out my works. Unfortunately, due to last minute scheduling conflicts, I'll be withdrawing this year.  Remember to take care of yourself during the entirety of the jam. Have fun and best of wishes!

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Hello! I'm a digital artist specializing in sprite art, with moderate skills as a graphic artist. I don't draw furry or bara. Open for both dark and fluff projects as long as the storyline intrigues me. I'm the dev behind the Yaoi Jam 2016 entry Nocturnal Affair.

You can find samples of my artwork here or at ko-fi

Feel free to reach me at Twitter (@/strng_notes). Thanks for checking this post! 

Great :D Yes, the full game is more interactive fiction than visual novel. Can you kindly send me a screenshot of the error? I tried checking on the issue you mentioned, but it works well on my end...

Right-click the HTML file on your mouse,  a pop-up menu should show up, and then click “Open with”. It should make you see the list of browsers or app in your laptop/computer. Kindly let me know how it goes! :)

Thank you! I truly appreciate your kind words :D

Don't worry, this story is still ongoing behind the scenes <3

Hello, have you tried opening it with your web browser? 

Been replaying this to meet the other characters, and it always leaves me wanting more! Great job!

Hope the monster series is still ongoing <3

A very short but poignant game. Great job :)

Thanks for the clarification :)

Hello, when can we start working on projects? Around August or during the jam?

Had an awesome time playing the game. I enjoyed not only the storytelling but the gameplay as well regardless of the bugs. Another job well done from Heiden :D

I managed to work around it somehow. Thanks for the help regardless.

Sorry, it was SetVariable, not Screen Variables. Anyway, the code is this.

Yep, I tried doing that with the screen variable but I keep having errors for some reason. How would you recommend the correct approach?