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Hi, sorry - this shouldn't be up for sale anymore because I lack the bandwidth to support this version, I do not have the capacity to update this version at the moment. I've pulled it from sale here. I'll happily help you get a refund  if needed. This requires you to contact support -- apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment I've caused you here.

I just had the very same question (removing patterns) and after some experimenting I found out that you can remove pattern by dragging them into the lower-right corner of the tool. Simply click and hold on an entry in the patterns list, then the delete button appears in the bottom-right and you can drag it onto that button to delete it.

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Hi there,

is this the right place to post bug reports? Or do you have another preferred way of getting them?

Anyway, for them Steam version: I think that in the editor the CTRL+Left/Right for adjusting the song relative to beats doesn't work. At least it is not doing anything for me. Also, using the editor hotkeys I can place multiple snares/kicks/cymbals/etc to the same point in time (you can see the how the transparent parts of the images stack up).

Is the Steam version the same as the version over here? (Steam's backend makes download sizes much smaller than downloading the whole game again from, so I definitely prefer that to redownloading everything from here ;). )

Best Regards, Sebastian

Quick update -- the game is now available from its page.

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Hi there,

I'd like to announce my current project, Patterna, a logic puzzle game inspired by Hexcells. It can be described as minesweeper on networks (or graphs). It is now available to download on its page. You can try out the demo there, too, which contains the tutorial and three somewhat more difficult levels. Patterna features more than 70+ levels, a level editor, and (most importantly) procedurally generated levels. Some of the other features of the game include:

  • Pure Logic: Each level is solvable without guessing.
  • Relaxing Mood: The game features a minimalist ambient soundtrack written by Alex Cottrell (the demo contains two of the tracks)
  • Moddability: You can create your own levels and your own level generators
  • Accessibility: You only need your mouse and its two buttons to play the game. Each colored game element can be customized to have a color of your choosing. UI and texts are resizable.

Here is a video that introduces the general concept of the game:

Thanks for reading!