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The concept is really good. And I appreciate the developer's effort.

Thank you for this amazing icon set. I'm going to use it in my opensource project. Tell me if I need to mention you somewhere.

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Ok, then I'm available from 7 to 1 UTC.

If it's Ok for you then I'm in.

I would like to do the job but I have used only Godot so far.

Why is the Mac build's size greater than Windows build's?

What's the purpose?

So its just a story not a game?

Whats the point of it?

The Game was good, but the controls were bit messy. When you press an arrow key then it goes in uniform direction but when you press two keys then it goes faster. is it Engine's fault?

Can you pull an issue on Godot's GitHub repository that system isn't recognizing game as foreground process and I think because of that Its going into sleep mode.

sleep mode happens when computer is idle then why is it happening when I'm playing a game. Is your game static cause that's the only  reason I know why this happens.