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no u

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i play the game on keyboard but in a kinda strange way, i use AS and the Up and Right Arrows. it's easier to play like this for me

this game is cancelled nimsony? 

is this going to be free forever?

among us on first person would be cool.

não sabia que tu era br, achava que era só boato mesmo, mas que jogo foda cara, jogo desde a 0.4.0 eu acho, adorava o jogo e era bem viciado nele, essa versão nova me deixou bem animado logo quando eu vi e vou com certeza acompanhar o jogo

played it. loved it. and my friends hated me :)

it's a very good game and a cool idea! would love to play the new updates!

oh ok. i will keep following the project!

played it, i love this game. would be happy to play more when you update it, maybe i will post a video here another day playing with some friends

if i find some bugs i tell you

i am going to play that a lot of hours.

hey i have founded a bug. if while playing with serious sam you can jump the bridge by the sides. and that do a bug to the gun

its all rollinng

custom character

Multiplayer online maybe?

play that game with friends seems to be cool so.. can you add it please?

this could be a ps1 game.


man. im so excited for this game. the first one i played for 19 hours

so good *-*

help please. i started the game and the game says: download ItchApp. i have itch app and the game dont start.

just please

the game is updating, i think don't have medieval yet

Vai Brasiliam

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can we have on Pc?

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Multiplayer.

could we have some way of controlling the character using the keyboard or the control?