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No prob, I will continue to use and build from source. For the record, everything appears to work besides graphical glitches on text:

Funny enough, still usable, because when you resize, type new text, etc. the graphical glitches go away. So when I make a card I usually just drag it around until they go away. Doesn't work on non-adjustable text like in the options menu but other than that it works

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I get this error when running the 0.8 alpha 1 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:

```./MasterPlan: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version 'GLIBC_2.32' not found (required by ./MasterPlan)```

Normally, I would just update whatever the library is, but apparently this library is critical to operating system functionality and should not be updated else you risk damage to the OS, according to various sources I've found. 

I'm filing this as a bug because on the main page it says 18.04 is the lowest version supported, so I'm not sure if this is intentional or not. I can't update beyond 20.04 LTS for various reasons. Would love to know if I'm wrong and updating this library is actually easy! Thank you for MasterPlan, I love it very much and use it daily :)

EDIT: Running and building from source was relatively painless and seems to work fine. I didn't have to tell it to use a different version of GLIBC or anything. I just now have a version that works on my computer.

cool! very relevant to my interests! i am very glad the blue dog character whose name i forget loves binky... looking forward to more binky

thank you! and you will see them again, i am not done with these two just yet.

aww thanks, thats because they are developed, hehe... in due time i hope youll get to meet them again! hopefully sooner than later.

thanks a lot! good luck with your other games!

very good. love the close-up with the interactive timer at the end, very creative. seems comfy!

cute... i love how the cat sprite looks. looking forward to the finished game since it seems you plan on finishing it!

pretty cool. the forest's claws is interesting. i got both endings, i like the crash part.

wow this is awesome. porton is definitley cool, i feel like im playing like a 90s mascot, except actually good. what a crazy adventure. really hope they get some more crazy adventures!

yes, i love pizza. great work. definitely evokes a feeling of pizza desire. will probably have some tonight

yay, im a burger! i like the music and the atmosphere. my favorite part is the designated burger kingdom thief.

the mac and cheese one was my favorite. i like that i can choose the amount of calzones i eat

lol, i like the ending. didnt think it was unfinished until read the comment. still pretty fun!

relatable in general to procrastination... also, i get to play as a snail, which made the experience much more enjoyable for me. the way the environment is done is also fun.

woow this is good. the start's surprise where you're controlling the "pixels" instead of the default avatar is really good, surely there is a fancy game design term for it. also, it's a beautiful poem and game.

this is really creative, especially with the thumbnail and name. it's a mysterious game, to me. i like lunch because you can eat either dinner or breakfast themed foods and its fine.

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the fact that the spot you can share with Cereza is a 1 tile block feels very intimate! i love that. also i love the ball, it's my favorite part, it evokes a certain feeling in me that made me interact with it several times.

WOW i didnt know bipsi games could play sounds or TTS!! thank you for writing about it, next time i make one i will definitely add it to my game. i love how beautiful the world looks, and the fact that i get to play as a slime

aww thanks a lot!

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wow, thank you so much! it is part of a canon that i've been working on for 2+ years. which, if you think that sounds crazy considering the amount of games ive released in that time... youd be absolutely right! i am trying my best, thank you for the kind words.

oh my bad, i got confused with the syntax when i wrote that post, just was trying to think of an example. but here's what i had that wasn't working (where _element is a struct like { x: 0, y: 0 }):

TweenFire("-duration", _tween_duration, "-target", _element, "x>", _x, "y>", _y);

this doesn't work and gives me this error:

Variable <unknown_object>.ref(100420, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
 at gml_Script_TGMS_Variable_Get (line 624) -               target = target.ref;      
but if i make the change i described in my post, it works.
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bug report (and workaround for it):

struct property tweening (such as TweenFire(apple, EaseLinear, 0, true, 0, 5.0, "x>", 50);) didn't work for me in this release until i made the following change to the function TGMS_Variable_Get in TGMS_7_Properties:

function TGMS_Variable_Get(target, variable, caller) {    
    if (!is_real(target) and !is_struct(target))
        target = target.ref;    

if anyone else if having this issue, make this change and it'll start working. the change is adding "and !is_struct(target)" to the if statement. this might not be a proper fix though so hopefully an update fixes the issue

dev here, thank you, it means a lot to me! really. i'm using a new itch account atm so if you ever want to see anything i make again, hopefully smth youll get to play very soon with more Gay Dog action, for free of course, itll be on here :) thanks again, have a good day! sneak preview just for u:  

It does not display anything else, if what you meant was running it through cmd.exe

According to github, Raylib-go supports back to OpenGL 1.1 if you compile it with the opengl11 / opengl21 build tag: see "Build tags", but I'm not sure if it's as easy as just building it as such or if your entire software will break if you do this. If it's not so easy, and I don't really do so much software development and such just gamedev so this is a bit out of my league, I think I will try to figure out how to backport it to OpenGL 2 myself because I'd really like to use this software, it looks very cool

This is when I build from latest source, but it also does this for all pre-made builds, including older ones, all at the same line of code. 

This computer is OpenGL 2.x only. Let me know if there are other specs you need to know