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The game is a murder mystery comedy game made for the "I Can't Write But I Want to Make a Story" game jam

Here's a quick trailer 


Me and my team are really excited as we just finished our first game jam game. We are new to Unreal Engine and this was a really fun first jam.

The objective of Top Duck is to collect more bread than the geese before the time runs out while avoiding the very evil cowboy goose.

Any feedback on the game page would be really appreciated thank you!

Congratulations on the grant!

Reminds me of run. Maybe reset the spawn quicker when you fall off. It takes too long

Very fun, great job!

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Background rapidly changing colors kind of hurt my eyes. I thought the game was fun and I really liked the sound effects you used. Nice job!

I really liked the art style you guys had for this visual novel. Additionally, you definitely did not flounder with coming up with some funny banter between the fish and the old man!

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I am happy you enjoyed those additional game play mechanics those were actually the most fun to make.  In terms of the level design, I tried to make them in a way that would teach you some of the things you can do without explicitly stating it.  I also had a decent amount of fun setting up the text boxes, but I felt I may have had too much story for this short of a game.

Regarding the invisibility power up, I thought it would be interesting to have a mechanic that sacrifices some health to hopefully not lose all of it. Thinking about it now there is really never a time to do something like that because whenever you lose health you take damage and become invisible anyway.

With the bottle,  I thought I kept it consistent I think I may have made the hit boxes too small for the fireballs.

Lastly, thankyou for the feedback and for playing through my game it really means a lot!

What a wacky and fun game! Wish you guys the best in this competition! 

Only played through once but I really enjoyed this game. I thought the story was very interesting through its various twists.  I also enjoyed the way the setting changed as the dialogue progressed. Overall, you guys did a good job with this game keep it up!

My very first game just launched on this site!

 Dream Chasers is an action-platforming game created using Game Maker: Studio.

The goal is to make it through all of the levels and defeat your father Rowan using the various abilities you acquire throughout the game. You can complete the game in a few minutes and I would really appreciate it if any of you could give my game a shot. 


 Towards the end I got hit by fire and I could not put myself out even when I respawned. I even died during the end credits. Besides that though, it was a pretty cool game!