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Okay. Finish this game. Take this idea and go all the way.

This is one of those games that only comes once in a bit that has this aesthetic, that has a mechanic, that has a idea that's so complete and unique that it just BEGS to be polished and completely realized. In three days you made one of the freshest ideas I've ever seen, and I think you gotta keep going with it.

A sidescrolling roguelike starring a brave knight facing strange randomly generated worlds!

Super Knight Quest is a roguelike sidescroller starring a knight on a bold quest. Each run is different, and you'll need to master your trust sword as well as a whole host of upgrades if you want to make it to the end!

Check it out on!

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Ah, well, the sooner you get that implemented the better :p

Trust me, it'll come in handy with testing :)

Are you doing this in Haxe?

Fantastic stuff so far, but can you save? I was thinking it had to do with campfires but I really can't figure it out.