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Nice start, hope you succeed !

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There are sbig changes made with the latest update 1.8.4.

Including a new beginning with more background story about the father and mother of our hero... How does it come he/she  have the ability to change past,present and future on the Tetrastream (source of all things), how did he get the "Scotties Beam" and how does it happen he never dies when a battle is lost...

I'm very curious how players receive these changes.

On the main site you can pick your choise of platform to play (steam /  twitch / gamejolt)

The 1st part of the story is available in the demo (free)

Hoi Dries,

Looks good, your.left stick is missing the word "left" maybe change the circles with an arrow left / right to make it more universal.

Good point,  game took 3 years to develop time to jam it. Also, how do you  check when a game is made or started development?

try the demo it has 40 hours of content.

Full version has over 150 hours of content.