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Ahah, i'm sorry for you xD

I know there is not a lot of bosses at the moment. I'm currently working on a complete UI rework.

Once it's done i plan to make the levels more pretty by adding some new decorations.

Then, i will add more gameplay content, including new bosses.

  • Music
  • lower spawn rate on early levels
  • higher spawn rate on late levels
  • smaller floors
  • way faster level up
  • more accurate weapons
  • and other minor things

Next updates will bring more content.

At the moment i'm trying to balance the game and make it more enjoyable.

I did not understood a word, but nice video, thanks for showing the game :D

Indeed, the game may be laggy in first person, because it had to render the whole map.

It's not the priority to optimize it at the moment, but i will look for this later. By reducing the view distance with fog, it should be much better !

It's a powerup, press space once you got it.

(it also possible to do it with numpad0 for testing, but it will be removed later :p)

It's an hidden folder i believe. Look how to show hidden folder on your current version of Windows.

You also can open the folder by pressing "Windows + R", then type "%appdata%" and press enter. This will open a folder called "roaming" which is inside %appdata%

Damn, there must be a problem with the XP algorithm. I did not really paid attention to this during my testing (i generally close the game before death when i test xD). Will be fixed soon :p

About the AA12 : yes, at the moment it's intended to be the best weapon. I love AA12 in Killing Floor 2 and wanted the same feeling in my game : shredding everything on the screen !! :p

But actually, you the same chance to find any weapon in the world (once you unlocked it).

How do you feel about it ? Should it stay like this, or best weapons should be rarer ? Or only on later levels ?

Yes, i know at the moment it's pretty slow to level up (straight 200 kills for a level).

I will probably lower the XP requirement in next update ( 2 or 3 time faster ?) and also make it quick XP for the first few levels.

At the moment, i uploaded a save file with 1,000,000 golds and 100,000 lottery slots. So you can unlock the things you want :D

Dowload the file on the game page and replace the one that is here :

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\Rogue'n Roll

Thanks for playing the game <3


WASD : move

leftclick : shoot

rightclick : grenade

spacebar : use active item

r : reload

You can see and edit controls from the launcher.

Hey !

Thanks for posting this !

Now i realize the game may be a bit confusing and hard for new players.

As the creator of the game i go through the first levels pretty easily, but i know exactly how game mechanics works and already have all weapons and upgrades unlocked.

I think i'll lower the spawn rate on early stages (so, the player have time to understand what's going on).