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Damn, there must be a problem with the XP algorithm. I did not really paid attention to this during my testing (i generally close the game before death when i test xD). Will be fixed soon :p

About the AA12 : yes, at the moment it's intended to be the best weapon. I love AA12 in Killing Floor 2 and wanted the same feeling in my game : shredding everything on the screen !! :p

But actually, you the same chance to find any weapon in the world (once you unlocked it).

How do you feel about it ? Should it stay like this, or best weapons should be rarer ? Or only on later levels ?

I do like the way it is, as it gives me the chance to try out different weapons at different points through it. I also found out the single best combo for killing bosses is the Double Bullets with Zat'Nik'Tel... I thought very poorly of it the first time I got it, because it has a pretty bad spread for it's fire rate and low damage per shot, until I realized that it froze enemies in place and one shot any frozen enemy...including bosses. So, with double bullets, if both shots hit the boss, it instantly dies, with only one bullet being consumed. Combine this with piercing bullets and you have a pretty potent weapon, but you can get quickly overwhelmed if you aren't careful or RNG screws you over with the spread lol.
Another thing: I believe the super shotgun could be made more... well, super if you made it have, say double the bullets per shot, with a slightly higher damage (say, 25-40%) and slower reload (maybe 33%)? Would make it more like the Doom one, which I assume was what you were going for....also, I enjoy the Doom references in the game itself ^-^ But, the only reason I even mentioned it, is because the supershotgun is a blue weapon, yet is obsolete in most cases to any common weapon.

Enough of me griping lol. I am really happy you are so active in your comments and actually take feedback, as well as talk about your own experiences with the game :DKeep it up, Spychopat ;)