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AR14, thank you so much for the quick reply! Plus, thanks for explaining the change in the female template, but do I look forward to seeing a taller / older looking female template (like the one in the current demo) as a selection sometime in the future. Keep up the great work!

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First off, thank you so much for making this tool! It's simply a very lovely program! (And I really like the purple colored theme too!) So, I recently gotten the Pro version soon after downloading the Demo one, where in the Demo I created a character I really like for a possible future visual novel I planned to write. Keep in mind, I've never written a VN yet, but currently I'm deciding whether to invest my time learning / using Ren'py or to just "biting-a-bullet" and buying the VN Maker?  It seems that VN Maker uses Live2D to create characters (this impression could be wrong) or just use ready-made Live2D characters, either way I may just go ahead and give  their demo a try soon for which case, I can still use Mannequin with it as well.

My question is after this very my long-winded intro, "Why is the female template so different between the Demo, which depicts an older female say in her older-teens to twenty-something (in the Demo you can not currently save in it), and comparing it to the Pro female, whom is clearly a younger female that looks more in her pre-teens or a very early teens?" (I've attached a screen-shot of both editors viewing the same character) Thank you in advance for your reply. :)