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I started my game submission at 4:50 but I guess by the time I messed with text and artwork, I timed out.  Can I still be entered in the Jam?

Thanks Jupiter! I enjoyed looking at some of the other Game Jams you covered as well.

I enjoyed playing the first 2 levels. I never get to 3 because I get a "removeSelf = nil" type of error (Android) but I look forward to trying the other levels in the future.

I love this game. The first time around I spent the whole game laughing. I got down to business on subsequent rounds but my 9-year-old is the one who is really kicking butt - she's pro now! Fall from Grace has a good balance of humor, playability and difficulty.

Another cool idea Ed.

@ Thanks! The original controls in Gesture were slide based so I kept them slide based when I replaced gesture. Now that I'm no longer under time constraints (and after some play testing with my kid's and their parents) I decided to add tap controls as well. It seems that tapping is more intuitive for many people.

Gesture is pretty cool but it is taxing on the cpu, much like my shading engine. I figured a few things out with Gesture so if you have any questions when you use it, I'll help the best I can.

Since the jam is limited to 4 hours, I thought it would be good to showcase the boosts in speed and efficiency that Corona Marketplace plugins can lend to a project.

Thus, I spent my first hour loading in plugins, libraries, and assets and coaxing them to play nice together (45 minutes of loading / 1 hour coding)

Dynamic Shader, Terrain, SSK Pro, Gesture, TweenTrain, EasySound, EasyToast

Libraries (My libraries)
momath, sound(2D sound), groups, text, movement (applying force to physics objects, distance and angle measures, a bunch of trig)

Assets (from the Marketplace)
Explosion Animation Library, Textures and sounds from the marketplace

My own art libraries with additional normal map files for the Dynamic Shader

Images below
1. First hour of coding - a whole mess of plugins "working" together rather randomly

2. I picked my variation of the Virtue theme - "Cleanliness is a Virtue" and refined the look of the game

3. I tried to integrate two new features (unpublished) of the Dynamic Shader. Beam lighting and vignette shadows for the landscape.

4. a. Beam lighting = failure but Vignette lighting = success.
b. Started integration with Gesture plugin for object control (gesture plugin plus my movement library will drive physics motion)
c. Tried to integrate SSK camera features (used many times before) however I've got a glitch in my code or logic somewhere that is
making the camera crash. I'll give it another 10 minutes of coding but then I'll have to drop it.

2 hours of coding left but many hours of planning an testing await.

- Jonathan