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This game came out first and it's essentially the prequel to Alfonzo. All the levels are different and the gameplay is a little less polished, but if you liked Alfonzo and would like some new levels to play you'll enjoy it.

Really digging this game! I'm interested in chatting with you about it if you're interested. Couldn't find a way to DM you

The ROM is 256kb. 128kb PRG and 128kb CHR.

The original version of the ROM had a bug that could cause this as I didn't own an Everdrive for testing. If you downloaded the game prior to October, try downloading it again and it should work now. I just tested it on my Everdrive to verify and it worked right away without any issue.

Sorry, I can't update existing cartridges because the new version uses a different mapper. I'd need to replace the board inside the cart, so between that and shipping the cost would basically be the same as getting a new copy of the game. The only real differences are the animated background tiles and two player mode, which swaps the active controller when you switch characters at an igloo. I'll gladly give anyone who bought the cart a copy of the new ROM though.

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Thanks! Shouldn't be too much longer. I'm hoping within the next month or so.

Thanks a bunch!

Just wondering if it takes a while before a game shows up in search. I posted it yesterday and don't seem to be missing anything that I can notice.