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thank you, I appreciate it 

So I like the story so far, but wish it was optional to turn of the gender transformation. I'm afab trans-masculine so it's really uncomfortable to play that for me. 

I highly recommend creating your own quiz instead of relying on AI.

I really enjoyed this. I got Morpheus. Seems to resonate well.

hey, SO I went to download this on the Google play store, but it's missing. I'd love to play this but I only have android and my pc

hey, I tried playing this, downloaded from Google play, but I got an error message. I'd love to play this but the games error makes it exit the game.

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Love the art style and the conversations. Also the context makes sense. I just didn't see the ending coming that abruptly. Man, that part of history was so unfortunate and awful. 

on Android there's a long lag when you press the choices


damn, this made me feel really unsettled and paranoid. Very immersive and eerie. IT also guessed what time i was playing this at. I got friend.

very fun and beautiful

Very nice, well written, I do wish there was like a summary if my choices and appearance. also, the lowercase "a"s are very difficult to discern from the lowercase "o" s. 

hey, so I'm confused on the choice on runes on the title art. In futhorc, it spells clamlapzagsn. Did you use a different version of futhorc or runic alphabet? otherwise I'm super confused.

this was very thought provoking and eerie in a strange way. thank you for making this.

Hey, I just wanted to let the dev know that though I can't afford your patreon atm, i did pay 5 bucks for it to show my support. I hope to get patreon in the future. This game is so well made and so glad I found it. Much more than just an erotic game, the story is very well done and the first time i played it I binged it! Best wishes!

this is such an awesome tool! thank you!


this is a very thoughtful and beautiful meditation. As a fellow deathling, I'm very grateful to see games on here about death positivity. also thanks for including the resources!

this was so beautiful and peaceful, I could visualizer the area so well in my head! I'm also trans! Best wishes to you!

this made me feel a childlike sense of wonder and imagination as well as reminded me if folklore. As a Pagan, trees are sacred, so it was cool to see a story around this. Thanks fir making this and we'll wishes!

this is awesome, something I didn't think I'd need. I draw antlers and trees alot so this helps give me an idea of different patterns. also is a bit addictive. even the skulls are different! well done! 

your welcome and thanks :)

Gods, this was so freakin' uncomfortable and scary in all the right ways. The audio is absolutely perfect, how did you manage to make it sound so good?! The vocab game helps immerse you into feeling ingulfed in the character's fone, as does the text. I would add that more text options would be great, but as is, this is amazing. 

Why did I have to play this with my blinds open at night? (was cleaning so I had to keep them open some to dry)

I only got the good ending, will try once I stop having a heart attack for the new one. *shivers*