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:D thank you! I'm glad you like the art, I worked hard on it (with some not insignificant input from V3derant!)

thank you immensely for playing :D and for the lovely feedback! it's so nice to hear kind words, especially on my first jam

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Glad to hear you liked it! Testing was a bit rushed so it's understandable some bugs made their way in and the balance is a little thrown off in places, haha. I was informed the slowdown at respawn occurs if you aren't blocking, which explains why I never ran into it (I was fairly decent at the combat somehow), as an unblocked enemy attack causes a slowdown for the attack effects that is not reset upon death and subsequent game restart (as the turn never fully ends and triggers the speed to reset to normal).

Little QOL things like text skipping and help dialogue are definitely things to consider next time we work on something (or add to this, perhaps!); as I'm sure you're aware, we just ran out of time for it ^^; All of the dialogue was written and added in by the programmer, V3derant, so next time I'll try to contribute a bit more myself and see where hints are needed, guidance can be given, etc. I'm of the opinion that the shopkeeper could prompt you a bit more strongly to buy potions (or even give you some for free) as it's easy to wander off without buying any. There's also several stacks of boxes hidden away to shoot for coins, yet no one I've seen play it found them, so it could be a bit more obvious. And of course, balancing would be heavily adjusted should we go ahead with this in the future~ I do agree it's quite hard as it currently stands.

Thank you for the delightful feedback, and for playing our game! 

glad you got that vibe from the combat, was definitely inspired by it c:

An absolute blast working with you on this bud~ It turned out really well c: