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Hi! Thanks a lot for playing the game, we're glad you like it! :)

Hello! :)

No problem at all! The DLC plays as a standalone game so no need to add it!

You can open it by clicking on Game.exe just like 96.

Thank you! :D

Thank you so very much! :D

Hopefully it won't take too long!

We're glad to hear that :) Of course, Daniel will try his best until he guesses it ;)

Hello! :)
If you only download the full version you'll have to start from the beginning (we've changed a lot of stuff in terms of code, so we're afraid old saves might get corrupted).

We will provide a savefile that will bring you to the end of the demo, though, so if you wish to you can download it and copy/paste it in the full version to skip the first part :)

Hello! :)
Thank you very much for the message!

We've tried really hard to keep the two versions as similar as possible.

Changes include:

-A brand-new message system 

-Another Story bonus episode is playable right after the main game instead of being a separate download

-The Bonus folder is unlockable from inside the game

-Most maps have been reworked for better flow/less collisions

-Some items are now interactable objects and will have comments

-All languages are playable from the same version, no more multiple downloads, and they can be switched any time from inside the game

-Added better support in terms of FPS, message speed, help files, commands, full screen support, keyboard configuration

-Some languages have been almost completely reworked so for people who played them, it will be quite different. (the itchio version will also be changed, though)

This is all we can think of off the top of our head. We've been working on it for 4 months almost, by now.

There are a few more minor fixes etc. to make the game more enjoyable, but we don't want the free version to become only half of the experience or anything like that. :)

Part of why the Steam version will be paid is also to be able to bring more games to Steam as well and to pay translators, since uploading a game there isn't free, but we didn't want to offer the same exact version as the itchio one for a price.

Hope this answered your question! If there's any problem, let us know.

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Hi ! Thank you for playing the game and for making a video about it :). 

We're glad you enjoyed the game, thank you again !


Thank you for you interest in the game ! 

A russian version is already planned, but thank you for asking :).

Hi ! Thanks for you interest ! 

Unfortunately, due to many problems, the Mac version is not supported anymore. You can always make the Windows version work with the help of Wineskin.


Thank you for you interest in the game ! 

For requests like this, please contact us at this adress : :).

Thank you for playing ! :)

Thank you so much !

Hello ! 

Thank you so much for playing, we're glad you enjoyed the game :).

Hello! :)

We're glad you enjoyed the game, thank you so much for playing and for the comment. 

Sorry for the double reply! :)

It should be fixed in the new version. We've tried making the track names easier so that they're readable by any PC in any language. Still, if any other error like this appears, we'll do our best to fix it :) We're sorry for the trouble we've caused you!

If you download the new version, you can simply copy-paste your save files in the new save folder :)
If it doesn't exist/doesn't read them, you can save once in the new version and then replace the files with yours!

Of course, if any problem arises, we can always do it for you so feel free to contact us any time :D

Thank you for the screenshot! :)

Yes, it does seem like it's not loading a specific music track properly. We'll get to it right away to see if we can load it differently :)

We'll do our best so that you can still use your savefiles on the fixed version! :)

Hello! :)

We're not aware of any problem during that part as our beta testers and ourselves didn't encounter any.

Would you mind sending us more details so we can try working something out? :)

Also, is the game properly downloaded and unzipped? Perhaps some data is missing.

Did restarting the game fix it?

Sorry for all the questions, we just want to make sure we understand the issue right!

Hello! :)
Thank you for your comment!

Usually this happens when some data is missing/incompatible/corrupted. A re-download might fix it, since sometimes the downloads can be a bit unstable on itchio! (If there are no conflicts with other programs such an anti-viruses etc.)

Otherwise, make sure you're not using any old save data on a newer version of the game or anything else like that.

It is quite the rare problem from what we saw (only reported twice and it's the first time we hear about it for our game), but hopefully we can find a solution! :)

Hello! :)
We're glad you're enjoying the game! :D

It should be in one of the room upstairs (Mel's, if we remember correctly, otherwise do forgive us).
If you're ever stuck, pressing H will show the Hint Mode that shows every interactable objects/spots :)
If it doesn't we'll look into it because we don't want any bug to ruin the experience!

Hopefully this does help,

Have a great day :D

Thank you very much! :)

The fastest way is to press the button V to open the save menu :)

Thank you very much for the lovely comment and the wonderful video! :D We're honored!

We'll do our best for the full release as well :)

Thank you so very much!! :D

Thank you very much! :D

We're glad you enjoyed it!

For Halloween if all goes well 😊

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Thank you very much for the lovely comment! :)

Hello! :D

Thank you so very much for such an awesome comment! It truly made our day!! :)

We're super glad that the game was to your liking!

We're currently implementing some new mini-games for the cleaning parts so that it is a bit more interesting, and we'll try implementing other ideas to make the full game a bit nicer for those who played to fist part already :)

Of course, we'll also do our best to finish all of the story parts, and we hope you will enjoy them as well :D

Again, a HUGE thank you for the wonderful comment,

All the best! 

That will be for the full game! :)

For now the demo hasn't changed since it was for a Game Jam, and it's only half of the story so there isn't the scene where it will appear yet.

Thank you so very much for the kind words! :)

We will do our part for the finished product as well! ;)

If you want, both our twitter DMs (@Spongey_Kitty) and/or our email ( are open! :)
Even just screenshots of the extracted files should be fine!

If nothing is wrong/missing with the files it might unfortunately just be a compatibility error with the engine :(

That's even weirder, then! :o

We only use laptops so it shouldn't give any problem? This is quite the mystery! We'll see if we can find some other solution but it's the fist time we've encountered such a rare bug :(

If you could share your files we can try giving them a look since we cannot trigger this bug ourselves.

Apologies, itchio message system isn't the best for support!

And we're very sorry you're still running into this problem!

We can try including one clothing item! :)
There are some scenes where the characters wear other clothes so we can tweak one of the t-shirts!

The game sprites are on the small side so we hope that it won't be too pixelated xD

Hello again, and apologies for the delay.

We looked for reports of this bug and while they're very rare (we only found one connected to rpg maker for now), it seems to be having something to do with how the video is played!

It could be a bug from an incorrect movie file or from the core files of the engine. If it's the latter, we're not sure how to fix it, unfortunately, since it would mean tweaking the engine core files. Perhaps simply downloading the file again might fix it.

Are you using an older windows version? (before 10) The new rpg maker tend to not play nice with them, we've had quite a few incompatibility bugs for our earlier games when they were played on older windows or on smaller screens.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Thank you again for your comments, it helps a lot! :)

We can't wait for rpg maker to release their new engine on unity for things like these...

Would you mind letting us know what error is showing? We can perhaps fix it!
Sometimes it's just that the file hasn't been downloaded completely because of a connection error, so downloading it again might work as well!

Have you unzipped the file before launching it?

Sorry for all the question, we'd love to find a way for you to play it! :)

We actually had no idea! Wrestling is unfortunately not very well-known in our countries so thanks to your comment we learned something new!

Thank you very much for playing and for leaving a comment! :)
We're glad you enjoyed it!!

Thank you very much for playing our game! :)

If you're interested, the music artists are written on the credits.txt file! (there will be a credits sequence in the final game as well) The tracks are also found in the audio folder but it's always nicer to support the artists :D

A huge thank you for the lovely comment,

We will do our best for the second part!


We're glad it was to your liking! :)
We'll do our best to get part 2 out soon~

Thank you again very much for playing!

Thank you for downloading the game! :)

Is that so? I can only remember one bridge or so :'D You might know my games better than I do ahah

Hope you will enjoy it until the end! :D

Thank you! :DD I'll try my best for the second half as well, I promise.
I hope you will like it!! :)