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Collected one trophy but spotted another one.  Got to the bottom before I could collect that other trophy though.

Had some fun with this one.  I liked the idea of joining rows and columns of guns together to upgrade.  Also having to do that whilst moving and shooting created some nice tension.  

Nice game.  Didn't realise for a while that the hands and feet connected with other monkeys (thought you had to just balance them).  Had some fun with this.

Really enjoyed this one.  It was really satisfying making the air tube longer and accessing more of the map.  Also liked the anticipation of how far you can go before the tube goes tight.  Great work!

You broke my brain and I will never forgive you...Really great game though.  Maybe it starts off a bit too difficult, but it's entertainingly difficult like 'Getting Over It'.  

Really clever idea that takes control away from the player.  Some music would have been nice and perhaps a few more smaller levels (for my small brain).  Great work!

Mind-bending.  I really liked how I had to keep track of the colours/buttons that were pressed.  

Nice play on the idea of the only one bullet.  Graphics really made this game stand out.  Wish there was a scoring system, which would immediately make it more replayable.

Also made the music and sound effects for this game and

Music/sound maker here! In the process of joining a team, but thought I'd share my stuff here just in case it falls through.  Perhaps I can be part of two teams maybe though.  Here's a portfolio of my work 

Let's do it! My discord name is SpoilThatSong#9406

I can help out with some music and sound as well.  Here's my channel with music I've made

Let me know if you'd like to team up.

Some really great ideas here.  I really liked the gameplay with the upgrades and tight controls.

Kept me hooked all the way through.  A really clever idea for the jam's theme with well thought-out level design.  Definitely had a good level of challenge towards the end, and I liked how there was some strategy when thinking about the order to pick up the hearts.  Music was short but fitted the levels nicely, and I loved (pun intended) the simple story/ending.