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i am the winner of capitalism

This was beautiful. Thank you for this piece

This was a treat to play. It was fun and kept me invested in the story, and was also genuinely challenging. Did not anticipate that twist ending at all, though I guessed who the employer was. Some of the occupations I had to guess, but overall this was an incredible experience. I would pay money for this.

Found this again! I played this a lot in high school (probably found it in the newly uploaded stuff) and I could not for the LIFE of me find it again! I couldn't remember the name so I've spent a lot of time searching math games. Actually found this on a fluke looking through the atmospheric tag. So glad I found it again :)

Damn, none of these are it. Grrr. Thank you for trying, I appreciate it!

Sorry, this isn't it :( Thank you for trying to help though, I really appreciate it!

This is driving me nuts. I'm looking for a game I played probably less than a year ago. Its a quarantine simulator, and your character has a list they must complete every day. Stuff like eat food, do dishes, walk 50 steps, etc. As you play boxes pile up in the room you're in, and you have to move them around to get to where you need to go to do your tasks. One of the tasks is to set up a speaker in each corner of the room. It'll be a free game, and one you can play in browser.