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Thanks for the reply! Ill look into fixing the things mentioned. As for the velocity getting reset, you guess is right:). Ill figure out a different way of making it easier.

These were all points made by my friend, that I was unable to add without it breaking(With the time I had left). But thanks for the feedback:)

That was an issue fixed in the later version that got messed up. Besides that Thank you! Glad you like it.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing!

I loved the simplicity. One problem for me is requiring  to use the arrow buttons instead of the WASD.

This game is really good! the golfing mechanic is very fun.

Thank you! yes it is a bit difficult, maybe a difficulty selector?

I like the design of the levels. And the isometric view, it keeps it challenging:)

It looks great! I enjoyed the little noise every time I landed on a platform!

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I liked it! I didn't know what was happening at first though. The game was really calming and overall a great experience.

I will go check it out, Thank you!!

Ty, i will make sure to check it out as soon as possible 

Ty, i am working on another game right now, its not for a jam so i can actually finish it.

Found that the jumping could be tuned a bit but besides that, it was really fun.

Very fun to play!!!

Ty so much!!!!! Im working on another game at the moment. I might come back to this later tho.

I will go and play it rn, Thank you

Really fun to play. 

Liked the music, controls seemed a bit snappy.

I liked it, wish i had friends to play it with tho

Ran really well, and most of all really fun!!

I had time but wouldn't have been able to work on it so i just posted while a could!


sadly i ran out of time and couldn't finish. the objective was going to be "feed him to fill the hole in his stomach."

Nice Game

Ty for the response!!!! i will work on the graphics a bit more in upcoming games.