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10/10, отличный спрайт лифта

is a nice game, found it quite enjoyable. the concept is also rather unique in terms of this jam, which is pretty refreshing to see. Rage platformers for the win :)

pff, the controls don't reset so that you can get used to them, of course :)

Oof, this is quite underrated in my opinion!
the idea is quite well implemented, and I like that.
The gameplay does get a bit repetitive past some point, but it is definitely a great proof of concept.

I am quite glad you like it!
And it is okay not to finish this, I've made the level way too long for a jam game XD

On the topic of "haters", people have their right to be salty :P
Mayhaps the game does fit the theme better than some others, but it is still in a grey area.
Either way, I am happy you understood the intent with my concept!

aye you get it :)

Thank you very much, glad you like it!

Glad you like it!

cool game, but controls are a bit jank. the recoil appears to be calculated wrongly, and that often gets very annoying.

Thanks~ I am glad you like it!

it is fine, most people can't~


The host doesn't seem to mind.

The host of the jam doesn't seem to mind.

Unfortunately, I can't build for linux or HTML, sorry :(

I have~!

Alrighty, i understand your point~
Making it in such a grey area was, indeed, a risky move.
Thank you for checking it out either way!

Oh yes, that definitely didn't backfire on my device where the game window didn't fit on the screen and i got softlocked at the point where i need to use crowbar on the crack to progress, because the crack was off screen :(
Unfortunately, i couldn't complete the game because of that-

i have practised the art of hiding tutorials for so long... it is finally paying off >:)

Damn the music slaps~
The game is fine as well. wish you had the time to finish graphics properly though :(

Quite neat, yes! Loved the sound effects especially! XD

harhar, a lot like my idea~ But yours tleast isn't as jank to play XD
quite nice quite nice, I like it!

I really like this! Albeit controls were a bit messy, i'd often create a clone instead of jumping when i actually intended to jump :(

Yeah, collectibles are a good idea, i may do that after the rating time ends~!
Not sure about enemies though, that wouldn't really work with how the game is designed atm.
Either way, i am quite glad you like it!

ngl this is a very good game. Really polished, looks pretty, and plays nice. My only complaint is that sometimes an enemy may spawn inside you and thus unfairly mess with the score. That's just a nitpick though!

Also, feel free to check out my submission~

ya know, it is about the ~idea~ of one button :P
(besides, i've seen a game around here that technically uses 4 buttons, so pshh)
Either way, i am glad ya like it!

Ayo this is delightful~

quite chill quite chill~ I like!

Thanks thanks, i am very glad you like it

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Git Gud  Ya, i hear the "hard" part a lot for whatever reason, not sure why  ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

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Comment dedicated to God Gamers who actually did good at this game.
The comment will be updated over time.

Hall Of Fame:
DarkBark; Version: Hard; Time: 00:24:11.94; Reached: Ending;
Calam1ty; Version: Hard; Time: 00:08:01.64 Reached: Ending;
Yoner; Version: Hard; Time: 00:05:07.93 Reached: Ending;

(You too can join the hall of fame if you provide a worthy screenshot in the comments~)

quite interesting, yes~
not sure how i feel about the time limit, but oh well. either way, nice game!

Just comment over here when ya rated me game, and I will rate yours!

it was quite nice~ visuals and audio were on-point, and the controls felt good.
Sorta wish there were more unique mechanics introduced in the later levels though, it felt a bit monotonous after some point.

Done~ Also lmao gms html? You sure you trust gms with  that enough? XD

A bit buggy. Oh well, that is why i do not trust gms with HTML XD 
But other than the occasional bugs it is okay~

what if... bad because mad tho? :thonk:

See, you get it :)