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Minecraft ve özellikle de Portal'i açabilen ama düşük sistmeli bir pc den oynuyorum, minimum çözünürlükte oynadım kasmadığı halde hareket ettirince ekran blurlanıyordu, bunun dışında glitch kullanarak geçmemiz gerektiğine dair bir talimat yoktu. Glitchleri kullanarak geçmeye çalıştığımda ise ikinci düğmeye kutuyu koysam da asla açılmadı. Kapatıp tekrar açtım oyunu ancak bu hata düzelmedi. Devamını dahi göremedim, 4/10

Çok iyi

My pc is low-end but considering it's a webnovel genre, i shouldn't have any problem. I played other webnovel's on itch io and did not have performance issues unlike yours. If i am the only one with that problem, then game is good. But if several people also has issues then you should optimize your next games better. Have a good day!

Oh i forgot the exact update date and came here to check and it seems im just in time. I cant wait to have fun with Musa (as we can see in the images on website i assume it's Musa)

i have a crush on bloom too. And looking at the storyline we saw by far, i can tell that we are reincarnated version of valtor so that means we will probably end up with bloom. Unless game has diffrent possible endings, then we can probably choose our dream girl.

I just tried one possible ending because game is too slow or laggy, i dont know which. If its laggy then optimization is bad and it made me hate playing. Game is cool but i suffered while playing because dialogues were taking at least 10 seconds to update after i cliked to skip it. Changing scenes were taking up to 30 seconds.

*Spoilers down there*

Like i said i tried one ending and it was me stabbing joseph, and happy ending? I thougt it would take more effort to find the murderer or possessed one. I dont actually understand what was going on, i always thougt it was a serial killer and not a curse. But game ended with me killing one person and i dont know what was going around now.

Im gonna be honest : Graphics are cool, storyline is good but the way you tried to tell it was bad, and optimization was horrible. I rate this game 6/10

When are we gonna see Roxy and Bloom? I hope it's soon. And your efforts should be rewarded, i cant be a patron so ranking is my best bet to support you.

General Kenoby.

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Well, i guess i did everything i can so far; I made my relationship 15 with Stella, and 14 with Tecna. I did some -you know- stuff with Nova and i Mastered simple magic (3/3) and game was not allowing me to do something new. My recommendation is that you should add a notification in alpha versions if a player does everything he can, then you should let him know because i spent 15 or 20 in game days searching what's next. Also i think we are reincarnation of Valtor, also darcy seems to know Valtor. In which timeline this game passes? Trix doesnt know it's bloom they're looking for. Timmy and Stella are no longer students since they can work daily (but Stella says she is still learning magic and she only heard about enchantix) Also you said on reddit that Roxy will be in the game too. So i am really confused about the timeline, it is indeed an alternate universe but things get so complicated. 

Oh btw we need to be able to see Nova more often, same goes for Trix but i think we'll eventually see them through missions. Keep up working and updating it's a good game.

Edit : I just realized i played 0.0.2b not 0.0.3 my bad. I'm gonna try updated version

Edit2 : Aaaaand it's patreon only :/

Thanks I will try it

Cant be opened in my pc. Isnt it for 32-bits?

Good game! I loved it but duels could be better. Keep working :3

Its perfect but i couldnt even beat Warrior. I am not skillful :/