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Tiny Life community » Mods · Created a new topic Goth Life

A mod for me to be dark and broody.  Not a lot in it at the moment.

Source and releases can be found at

- Candles!

- Dark colored foods!

- Skull t-shirt!

- Mortician and Gravekeeper jobs!

You had me at "forbidden or taboo magics!"

I love this so much. <3

It works! :D

Can't open the pdf.  It says the file is damaged. :(

Aaaaaaaaa ;_;

I accidentally made a carrot cake on my first try. xD

Well, that went from cute to just soul-crushingly depressing.  If I wanted to despair I'd just look outside or at twitter.

When will Himbo Witch get a spinoff game? :3


Also, first lovecraft mythos game that didn't make me immediately fall asleep. :p

Also! This game is great. Me and my friend have been obsessively picking it clean for secrets and talking about it like "omg is Parsnip really a servant of the yellow king? game theoryyyyy".  Also the soundtrack is brilliant. I love how all the characters have their own themes that sorta intertwine with the main one.

Is it possible to get the throne?!  Asking for a friend. >.>

This game rocks.  Looking forward to Only Human. :3

I love this game. Even if I'm soooo bad at blocking attacks. xD I really love the art style + palettes.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Aaaaaaaaa the popups! xD


It works now!  The episode's really fun and creative. xD

Dice Throwing still crashes at start for me. :(

Dice throwing competition always black screens at the start for me. :(

I chose My Cute Neighbor because it's cute and inoffensive and then probably bought sextories for myself. :p

This showed up in my game recommendations and I was like "That looks like something ikks would draw. HEY WAIT A SECOND."

Dat Fiora shout out tho

The name equip mechanic was neato.

Ooooh! Hype!

This was beautiful. I love it.


Holy crap. I remember this being one of my favorite games during that Ludum Dare.  Really excited to see a full release. :D

Wouldn't let me kiss the hot demon chick. :C

Amie's facial expressions alone would make me play this. I really enjoyed the demo.