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Beautifully done. I miss that old feeling of "anything is possible" too sometimes.  Sometimes playing an indy game at launch before anyone's documented anything almost scratches that same itch for me. xD

Tbf, it was SO weird for the game to just have a truck there and nowhere else.

Couldn't find her in there, but I appreciate this anyway.

Was just ranting the other day about somebody dismissing this game as "just a porn game" that needed to be cancelled for being homophobic, so finding this twine in the strawberry jam finalists has been amazing timing.  As someone who grew up in abstinence-only culture and will rant about Christine Love games until stopped, I feel extremely seen right now.  Thank you for writing this.

I beat the game and I still have questions aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tiny Life community » Mods · Created a new topic Goth Life
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A mod for me to be dark and broody.  Not a lot in it at the moment.

Source and releases can be found at

- Candles!

- Dark colored foods!

- Skull t-shirt!

- Witch hat!

- Mortician and Gravekeeper jobs!

You had me at "forbidden or taboo magics!"

I love this so much. <3

It works! :D

Can't open the pdf.  It says the file is damaged. :(

Aaaaaaaaa ;_;

I accidentally made a carrot cake on my first try. xD

Well, that went from cute to just soul-crushingly depressing.  If I wanted to despair I'd just look outside or at twitter.

When will Himbo Witch get a spinoff game? :3


Also, first lovecraft mythos game that didn't make me immediately fall asleep. :p

Also! This game is great. Me and my friend have been obsessively picking it clean for secrets and talking about it like "omg is Parsnip really a servant of the yellow king? game theoryyyyy".  Also the soundtrack is brilliant. I love how all the characters have their own themes that sorta intertwine with the main one.

Is it possible to get the throne?!  Asking for a friend. >.>

This game rocks.  Looking forward to Only Human. :3

I love this game. Even if I'm soooo bad at blocking attacks. xD I really love the art style + palettes.

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Aaaaaaaaa the popups! xD


It works now!  The episode's really fun and creative. xD

Dice Throwing still crashes at start for me. :(

Dice throwing competition always black screens at the start for me. :(

I chose My Cute Neighbor because it's cute and inoffensive and then probably bought sextories for myself. :p

This showed up in my game recommendations and I was like "That looks like something ikks would draw. HEY WAIT A SECOND."

Dat Fiora shout out tho

The name equip mechanic was neato.

Ooooh! Hype!

This was beautiful. I love it.


Holy crap. I remember this being one of my favorite games during that Ludum Dare.  Really excited to see a full release. :D

Wouldn't let me kiss the hot demon chick. :C

Amie's facial expressions alone would make me play this. I really enjoyed the demo.