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Spirit Warrior

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Hey there!

Pixel UI - A Casual Pixel Art GUI Pack is now available on

Get Pixel UI Now!

The asset pack includes buttons, panels, sliders, progress bars, icons, text sprites, cursors, and ready game windows. Also, I'll be adding more stuff to this pack in the future.


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I don't know how it's possible, but if the problem persists, let me know. You'll get it through mail.

Edit: I've sent you the full version through mail and you'll receive all future updates the same way, so you don't need to worry about checking the page & downloading the new versions manually. So sorry, you had to face this inconvenience. I've fixed the issue occurring as well.

Hey there!

Arcade Bots - Animated Platformer Characters are now available on

The asset pack includes 4 arcade robot characters with the following animations:

  • Idle
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Climb
  • Attack
  • Hurt
  • Death

The characters come with a dark color variation as well.

There's a demo available too.

That's great!

Sorry, I can't help you with Godot. The font sprite sheet can be used to create a font file. There are several tools and guides you can find online for this purpose. And glad to know you liked the assets.

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Glad to know :) I'll make some additions to this pack, maybe for next year.

This looks really good! Great work, bud.

No. There are normal sized letters' & numbers' sprites without snow, in different color variations, also shown in the ready game windows. But I'll get the top snow done with them soon. And as far as the title goes, its a showcase image.

Simply said, this is great!

December Sale 2022 is live now!

Get Cold Valleys - Winter Platformer Asset Pack for only 50% of its original price! Or purchase the bundle and get Sunny Hills - Platformer Pack too! Help Cold Valleys reach its goal.

Good luck with it! :)

Parallax Background is now available.

Heyo Everybody!

‘Cold Valleys v2.4.3’ is finally out now. The details of this version are as follows:

• Refined/Improved All Previous Content

• Added Parallax Background

• Added New Decorations

• Added New Characters (New Player and New NPC called Frost Spirit)

• Added New Animations

• Added New Collectable

• Added Tons of New UI Elements (New Buttons, New Panels, New Icons, Font Sprites, Sliders, Progress Bars, Emotes, Ready Game Windows)

So, what are you waiting for? It’s Christmas already. Get ‘Cold Valleys’ now, and make an outstanding & chilly game out of it!

The crops in this pack definitely look good. Keep up the great work!

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Sometime next month.

Its in the objects spritesheet (in the full version that's paid). The demo version, however, doesn't have it.

Glad to know. :) The next version's coming around in December at some point.


This game is fantastic. I've played it and it has a really amazing feel to it. Keep up the great work, dude!

Glad to know! :)

Heyo everybody!

A new $1 pixel art platformer asset pack "Sunny Hills" is out now, with cute little characters, beautiful tilesets and decorations, collectables and eye-catching UI elements! Purchase Sunny Hills now and make a cute little game out of it.

This is a really nice game. Great job!

This looks nice.

Great work, bud!

Ya, I know........ I've got a heavy workload on me. Best of luck with what you do! :)

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The next version will most likely be dropping in August or September. Good luck with your platformer.

Yes, I have that in mind. This version is divided among different parts, so there's a lot to come yet, and I'll surely be doing separate layers for the background. And glad to know you liked it. :)

Loved it!

Good luck with your platformer, and thanks!

Ayy, glad to know, bud!

I don't know, if you've got any good color scheming to suggest, then i'd probably think of that. But.... i think it suits the environment best.

Looking forward to them. ; )

This looks awesome, man!

Looks amazing!