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Spirit Warrior

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The crops in this pack definitely look good. Keep up the great work!

Sometime next month (In December).

Its in the objects spritesheet (in the full version that's paid). The demo version, however, doesn't have it.

Glad to know. :) The next version's coming around in December at some point.


This game is fantastic. I've played it and it has a really amazing feel to it. Keep up the great work, dude!

Glad to know! :)

Heyo everybody!

A new $1 pixel art platformer asset pack "Sunny Hills" is out now, with cute little characters, beautiful tilesets and decorations, collectables and eye-catching UI elements! Purchase Sunny Hills now and make a cute little game out of it.

This is a really nice game. Great job!

This looks nice.

Great work, bud!

Ya, I know........ I've got a heavy workload on me. Best of luck with what you do! :)

The next version will most likely be dropping in August or September, since I'm working on a mini dungeon pack right now. But I'll try my best to do it as fast I can. Good luck with your platformer.

Yes, I have that in mind. This version is divided among different parts, so there's a lot to come yet, and I'll surely be doing separate layers for the background. And glad to know you liked it. :)

Loved it!

Thnx, king_of_creeps!

Good luck with your platformer, and thanks!

Ayy, glad to know, bud!

Its on hold atm, but will return to it soon. Thnx, btw!

I don't know, if you've got any good color scheming to suggest, then i'd probably think of that. But.... i think it suits the environment best.

Looking forward to them. ; )

This looks awesome, man!

Looks amazing!

Looks really awesome!!

: )

Yes, but currently.... I've taken a break from gamedev. Designing asset packs atm. Have released one, and currently working on a 2nd one, which I'll probably release by next month.

Fun game though. I found it a lot better as ur first game. The assets were also good for a first game.

Seeing u progress fast, man!

Nice, man!

: )

Thank you for your feedback! I've taken a break from JATMC right now, gonna return to it soon (not that soon xD), and will rework the whole idea of the game, cause' next time when i update the game, i'll you'll see a completely new JATMC.

Looks awesome, man!

Really adorable!

Glad to know that. ; )

; )