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Thanks! And I actually bought that book for my kindle a while back and am in the process of reading it. It has been really good so far!

im new to game dev. the look you have in this game (assets and such), is it made by some sort of pixel shader or something? i really like this style.

This style is great!! I'm using it in my game I'm working on now. I may be adding in my own (poorly drawn) sprites but the style and everything really comes across well. Love the color palette too!

This is a beautiful looking game. I quickly learned to love the controls. Really good game done quickly! I liked it a lot.

If you get a chance, please rate my submission :)

I really liked that your froggo could be upgraded. Was a cool feature. The controls were a bit odd to me... but I spent the weekend working on my submission which is similar but spam clicking lol fun game! 

If you get a chance, please rate my will see some similarities :P cept I didn't do a cool tongue attack like you :/

Wow this was a bit hectic at first but you start to get the hang of it quickly. I also agree that a background texture or slight variation of colors would help. All and all, fun game. Cool that it's java too... first Jar I've seen - gotta love Java.

Also, if you get a chance, please rate my submission :)

Fun game. Like the level. Those jumping frogs have GUNS...and they're shooting me.. lol I like it.

If you get a chance, please rate my submission :)

At first I was like "why won't I move" then I started quickly pressing and then I was like "oooohh". Fun little game. Just drifting down the river and eating some flies. Gets kinda wacky if you don't watch it with the key presses. Love the look and feel

If you get a chance, please rate/review mine as well :)

Good little game. Similar to mine ;) The hit detection (as mentioned) is a bit off. I'm like HEY! I ATE THAT DARN FLY! Lol. Good entry for your first jam. This was my first too! 

If you have time, check my game out and rate :)

Loved this game. It's kinda similar to mine but a very different approach. Graphics are good, controls are good. Game is rewarding and fun to play.

If you get time you should try out and rate my game... :)

Also had some issues with the movement limitation but game looks good and has a good feel to it. The sound and graphics with the gameplay work together to create a cool atmosphere. 

If you have the time, please rate my submission :)

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This is my favorite so far. I'm a big fan of pixel look and this being both pixel-ish and 3d is awesome! Plus the gameplay is fun. I think a mouse click to attack would be a bit least for me but that doesn't take away from the funNess. 

Good game! Well done! If you post this game as open source I'd love to look at it. :)

Oh and if you get a bit of time, please review my entry as well.

Fun game! Like the look and feel. Took a bit to get used to the mouse controls. If you could please play/rate mine as well :)

Lol. I'm terrible at this game but it's fun! Very well done artwork as well. 

That's alright. I'll keep an eye on it. No worries

Pretty fun game. Looks good too. Good luck in the jam!

Hey. Tried to play (on windows) but clicking the download button gave me a .app file (macOS file I think) so I wasn't able to play. Looks cool. I'll check back for a reply.

Fun game! Beautiful artwork and fluid look with an awesome color palette. Inspiring! Story is really cool too.

Cool game. :)