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MAan, very creative game! hahaha, I like the game decision where you can choose where the enemies will spawn.

love the game!! very challenging i made it on 52, i think it’s the limit (or is it ?)

Thank you very much!! ! yeah i agree the player could be more faster, but i had to decide whether i put another button for slowing the character movement or just one single speed for the player (it was very hard to tweak tho without feedback to the players) anyway I really appreciate your great feedbacks!

Thanks!! the html5 version can't be resized it's a bug that i can't fix, im happy that you still played on it, hhaha, yeaa, the boss is kinda just an optional route on playing the game. Thanks for the feedback !! 

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it !!! yeahh, I almost copied the original disc room, tho i intended to do it and make a little level for it! thanks for the feedback !

Thanks !! I really want to make it more like a discroom level/ theme and I'm glad you love it !  :>

yeaaah, it has a bug on resizing the screen, I highly recommend downloading the windows version :< I hope i can fix the html5 version soon!

very creative! tho maybe some sounds will make it more alive ?

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duudee aaahh haha I got on 8th and that ghost killed me xD, imo i think it needs some damage indicator in someway, because at the start im just randomly firing projectiles to the enemies, tho hiding the damage might be intentional, but i think maybe some numbers popping out of the screen will do, anyway !! nice game !!

Thank you for making this and sharing it to us !! <3

Thank youu for playing and giving feedbacks!! hhaaha I'm glad that you enjoyed my game !! <3 

Did you try to download it on the browser ?m :< i hope you can download it soon <3 Anyway thank you for commenting <3

Thank you for your feed backk!! i haven't got the time to composee some music . I'm glad you like the sound fx <3

Could you pls rate my game too? <3 tia

could you pls rate my game too?? tia

could you pls rate my game too? <3 tia

that was fast!! hahahaha you made a speedrun of my game. thank you !! <3 i really appreciate it !

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Thank you for playing !!! <3 the ui was intentional , so that the player would have to figure out what are those numbers.  and the xp is also a bit buggy ( it gives random number of xps) haha. I'm Glad that you liked it !!! <3

Thank You for playing !! and giving some suggestions <3 I'm glad you liked that combo thing ( maybe ill add some score multiplier if that happens)

Thank youu For Playing !! and giving some feedbacks !! I will add some tutorial soon!! <3

Thank Youu!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game !n <3

Thank you for playing and giving a feedback!! I will on future updates . it's just i don't have enough time to put tutorialss hahaha <3

Thank youuu!!! for your feedbacks!! haha about the teleporting bug. It's meant to be unplayable after you got all those bugs hahahaha ! I'm Glad you enjoyed it !n <3

Hahahaha i like the "all depends on fate " thing. btw could you pls rate my game too? tia

Could you pls rate my game too?? tia

I always got unlucky for the cards!! A hard game!! and i can't see where my mouse points.

the game mechanic is uniquee!1 <3 i exploited your guns and made it my own way to the portal haHAHAhah . but it crashed i don't know why!! anyway Keep it up!! <3

Could you pls try my game too?? It's called book of bugs! <3 tia

Could you pls try my game too?? It's called book of bugs! <3 tia

Thank you !! It is truee i made this game with effort and dedication !! I am glad that you enjoyed it <3 I'll also play your game too!!

Unique Game Play!! <3

the slow motion effect is great !! and the bg music too!! <3 cool game !  keep it up !!

Fun game and simplistic game . i exploited the turn speed of the mouse and rapidly turn so that the bugs wont damage the character. hAHAHa keep it up!! <3

The game is hard !! <3 it gives me the false assumption !! hahahaha but overall it is a fun puzzle platformer!! <3 keep it up !

Instructions are lacking at the start of the game. Weird but fun controls for the virus hahah. and i like the glitchy aesthetic of the game!! Keep it up!! 

nice game mechanic!!! it's unique and interesting!! <3 keep it up

10/10 !!! the puzzle mechanic is so AWESOME!! <3 i like how you can ride the glitch and become glitchy too!! it's so unique (for me) and it gives the new experience to me <3 keep it up !! <3

Cute gamee but i exploited the bug i found on the game .HAhaha cool mechanic tho

This is so true!! <3 hahaha i think he used what Jonas said "Exploit the bug" something like that .

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Instructions are unlcear ? i think you should add some more content. Graphics are nice and simple but the game mechanic (or the core mechanic) of the game is missing or unclear. <3 There's a room for improvement !! <3