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I think it’s one of best games I’ve played. The philosophical nature of humanity seen thru eyes of an ultra-rational machine learning about emotions that drive people is almost flawless. People will perish, because their selfishness and drive to live and realize their dreams and goals regardless of consequences. Their goal to live and procreate to experience emotions and care of each other ironically in the end will bring doom to them. To live, people need energy. There are no clean ways to get energy, and the more energy you need, the more waste you produce and affect climate. Affecting climate and changing in the same way earthy conditions and weather leads inevitably to destroy human’s ability to survive. The to contradictory drives to live “normally”, which means destroying planet’s system, and survive leads inevitably to catastrophe. This game is perfectly written and brings a significant amount of deep insights.  10/10

This game will allow you to immerse yourself in the stains gate universe. the splash screen looks very nice but the game stutters and in my case I can't start the game. My hardware is the PC ryzen 3500 and the graphics card is rx2060. I would like to see what else is going on in ubuwersum stains gate.

This game is very elaborate and addictive picture of dystopian world. Protagonist is censor and reality of her work shows that nothing is black or white is this dark world. Graphics are good, animations are fluid but the number of backgrounds is quite limited. The number of tears and endings is impressive. This makes the game replayble and you can spend a lot of time trying to achieve different ending.

This game stands out from other visual novels. For me it is something good and fresh. It is a bit similar to “paper please”. The game looks very professional.

I'm really impressed. The game has fantastic graphics, unique atmosphere and plot, and at the same time is quite difficult and requires attention and thoughtful choices as well as very meticulous choices of options. This is a big plus, but also the degree of difficulty can discourage causal players who are used to simple visual novels like kinetic. To sum up, the game is great and for every player who likes challenges and attention in many choices that require taking notes and in order to solve difficult puzzles. I sincerely recommend.

Great game with superb mysterious twisted plot and unique atmosphere. Music is also very good.

I have mixed feelings about graphics. They are really stylish, but inconsistent. Some of drawings are great, but others are mediocre. I think  graphics are not so important. 

To sum up, the game is one of a kind, providing a lot of deep thoughts.

I highly recommend it to all those who like hard science fiction mixed with emotional family plots and issues related to human nature and the desire to unite with the family, remembering the positive relations between them.

That was very interesting. I love sci-fi visual novels. It’s well written, with many choices of acting and responses. Especially interesting was the presence of a host and whole concept of the world. 

Can’t wait for the next episode :)

Thank you very much for review :)

Very interesting topic for a game. For me it's quite interesting, because sometimes, but very rarely I got impression some is with me in dark room. But fortunately it doesn’t end like this :) Great atmosphere, great visual style.

Around 2040 In Alternative Energy Research Institute was discovered another state of mater called Singular Exotic Matter. This kind of matter was in the stage of testing. From a theoretical point of view it was a matter that could connect traditional (baryonic) matter to quantum realm and then create a theory of everything. 

Our protagonist along with his friends went to retrieve Singular Matter from accelerator - it was simple and routine procedure. Unfortunately, this time several key factors failed at the same time, causing disaster.  

What is every strange every scientist experiences different symptoms which may be connected to various mental illnesess.

I would like to invite you to dive into the dark recesses of the human psyche, post-apocalyptic world and the unbearable truth about the universe.

link: Singular Matter

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