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Also i have another idea: Thaumiel SCPS. according to the wiki, Thaumiel SCPS are SCPS used to contain OTHER SCPs.  IDK how this would be implemented.

I think you should have to hire dedicated researchers to be able to research. (Special thanks to common sense for the idea hehehe)  They die during testing, The higher threat level (Safe, euclid, keter) the more chance of death.  Also if a breach occurs, You should have to pay ALOT to recontain it. (Exact costs based on threat level) Because, if this facility was real, ALOT of money, resources and effort would need to go into recontainment. (NTF Deployment, Potental casualty's of agents, Amnestic deployment for civilians, cover up for civilian deaths, etc...) So if a breach occurs, you suffer the consequences.  

SCP Clicker community · Created a new topic Suggestions

I haven't seen a single dedicated topic of suggestions, so here! Anyone feel free to suggest new ideas for the game. I hope guard sees this.....

The off chance the dev hasnt abandoned this development, *PLEASE* Add guns. Maybe an inventory so you can change between 2/3 guns and the gravity gun?


You will make a sequel.....Did the hypnotising work?

falling though floors......Nuff said.