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Spicy Overlord

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Thank you!

Nice game!

i think the volume of the attack sound is a bit too loud

Nice music!

wait what? I thought i made it impossible to do that, Haha. 

Thank you for letting me know :)

Thank you. It's my 3rd complete game, but the first game i have uploaded to the internet.

Thank you for the feedback! And thank you for hosting the jam :)

thank you! I hear that a lot haha. I actually didn't know about sokoban until after I made the game :)

wow thank you so Much! It was fun to see you play my game :)

haha nice!

thank you for the tip, i will try to fix it :)

haha, you're welcome :)

Thank you!

i made the sounds with a couple of lego bricks :)

Thank you :)

Wow this is great! i really liked it.


thank you!

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thank you very much!

Yes my email is SpicyOverlord(at)

i might just do that.

thank you!

Thank you. i made the music myself for this jam.

Thank you!

Thank you!  Im happy you liked it.

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Thank you very much!

Cool game, like the trolliness.

Although the game should be really hard,  i think the start of the game is too hard. The first couple of lvls should be a  easier, (just a suggestion).

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yay, i did it!

nice game, and good music :)

maybe the knife move faster over time, so that it is a little harder??