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Spicy Overlord

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I think the problem is really fixed this time.

Is it possible for you to test it again?

thank you!

Hmmmm... I am also using Chrome, but I don't have any problems. I will look into it soon.

Thank you!

That's really helpful.

I will try to fix it today :)

Oh, I'm sorry.

What browser are you using, and have you enabled cookies?

Yes, sorry, I will try to fix that today.

I'm not sure how it happened.

thank you! :)

I'm sorry to hear it didn't save.

If click on U and A in the menu, and then refresh the page. It should unlock all levels.

Then you can continue from where you were.

Thank you to much! :)

thank you for your feedback and for hosting this jam! :)

Thank you!

A lot of players are requesting a undo button.

And i am working on it now :)

Yeah, you are not the only one. i will fix it now.

Fun game!

It's been a long time since i played a roller game :)

really Fun game! :)

I discovered a bug where if you spam the up key when you are at the bottom, you can get on top if the map.

Wow, that was really relaxing.

Nice game!

Cool game!

I really like the music :)

thank you!

Thank you very much!

The grey block doesn't have to go into the grey hole.

I think i need to add a lvl that explains that to the player, as it isn't that obvious.

Wow, great game!

The gameplay is really good, and not to easy.

Thank you! :)

Cool game!

Cool Game! I really like the animations!

I think some of the jumps are impossible. i can get to the next platform.

Am i doing something wrong?

Thank you!! :)

Amazing art! I'm really impressed that you made this in this jams timeframe! This is one of the best game in this jam!

I have never seen anything like it before! Really beautiful graphics too!!!

Great job!

yeah, maybe its just me

i cant open the .rar?

it says the file is corrupt...

Here is the game me and 2 others made for this jam :)

I hope you like it!

(Click on the image)

wow the visual and the music are so nice! this is the best game i have played in this jam :)

wow! best music in this jam :O reminds me of Parappa the rapper on psp.

cool animations! the music and visuals fit perfectly :)

Very good idea! fits perfectly with theme :)

Cool game! the last lvls were hard :)

Nice game!

i think the volume of the attack sound is a bit too loud

Nice music!

wait what? I thought i made it impossible to do that, Haha. 

Thank you for letting me know :)

Thank you. It's my 3rd complete game, but the first game i have uploaded to the internet.

Thank you for the feedback! And thank you for hosting the jam :)

thank you! I hear that a lot haha. I actually didn't know about sokoban until after I made the game :)

wow thank you so Much! It was fun to see you play my game :)

haha nice!

thank you for the tip, i will try to fix it :)