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Hooray! I'm free!

Thank you!

Well this took a dark turn.

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Looks beautiful! I love how it fits perfectly with the game page. Keep up the good work!

At the th level of course!

I love this text editor because of how cute and playful everything is but could you please add a "Quit" button so I don't have to exit fullscreen every time? Exiting fullscreen tends to mess up the formatting.

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*repeatedly bumps into a car*
"Honey, I think I should drive."
"No, I'm a perfectly good driver.

Pretty good game! The gameplay is fun, the artstyle is good and it's quite satisfying when I solve a puzzle. Beat the game btw.

Spoilers below:

So I tried to play Stardew Valley...

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★★★★★ Truly the best game ever made

The story is deep and immersive, the controls are great and the sound & graphics are far beyond exquisite and the game is indescribably fun and addicting. Easily the best game ever created, far better than any other AAA blockbuster in the universe. Truly amazing and breathtaking, easy 5-star review.

You can see on the jam page.

You're welcome, I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the jam! I'm planning to host more of these in the future, only they'll have an optional theme to help people get inspiration.

Hmm... Maybe I'll give it a #4 in "Impressiveness".

In that case...

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The Top 3 of each "criteria" have just been revealed on the jam's page. There aren't that many submissions, but it's still hard to judge them all alone.

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Umm... you already submitted that game.

Strange. Probably a problem with

What do you mean? You just have to click on "Join Jam".

Next time, I'll add an optional theme, but for now, there is none.

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Yes, you can submit a second game.

Sure, why not?

No, but I'll make an optional theme next time.

Yes, you can.

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No, you cannot make sprites/sounds outside of Scratch. If you want to make music/SFX, just record it. If you can't draw art/make sounds, you can get it from the Scratch sprite/sound library. Sorry, but rules are rules.

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Yes, as long as you do it in Scratch. Also, it's okay to make sounds louder or quieter outside the Scratch engine.

There is no theme, the point is to see what people can do with Scratch.

No, the point of this jam is to see what people can do with Scratch.

But that doesn't mean you can't make games with it! Some people make games in PowerPoint, which is a presentation program.

DO NOT post topics that don't have anything to do with the jam. Only post here if it's related to the jam!

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help im stuck and i cant get out :(

haha nuke go brrrr

This is my high score:

"My ship got reduced to a single gun!" -Spaceship Critic, Starcat

At SG Spaceships, we create the finest spaceships in the galaxy and show them to the world. Below are some of our latest and greatest creations. 


Unicorn Cat Using A Phone. Could also be a jug of something.


Uh... what am I supposed to call this one?

9.1/10. Pretty fun game. The fact that you have to drag-and-drop every single piece annoys me, but I do like the possibilities. Beat the game BTW.

Behold, the ultimate ship, THE FURROCIOUS DESTROYER!!!

It has 2 layers of solid steel for protection, cat ears and angry eyes for style, a wall of many guns and drills (with plenty of overlap) for offense and a disc for... Actually, I don't know what the disc is for. Please tell me the purpose of the CD in the replies.
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Quite a decent game, I especially like how the particles are bigger when you explode a bigger enemy. My high score is 52.

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Pretty good game, congratulations!

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Thank you! There is now a downloadable post-jam version where the crushers speed up over time, but you can still play the original in the browser.