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Not in a while, truth be told; I had moved on to other stuff (including some reworking of Immanence) so I never finalized a design. That being said, I do want SOMETHING to be available so I'll whip something simple up soon.

Also really diggin this concept, and want to do something similar but with depression related roadblocks and in text format. Looking forward to what we end up with!

Ahh sorry for the late reply, and I appreciate the offer but it's all good! It'll be a good lesson to not try to get in right before the buzzer next time, aha.

I'm actually all right with it, did what I wanted to with it and it's on my page (after  three uploads oof) if anyone wants to peep it.

Your submission was great btw! love rhythm games so I was a big fan

Also GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! This was my first time doing anything like this and it was heaps of fun despite my goof up at the end there, you're all immense!

I deleted to reupload with some additions since we had more time and missed the deadline OOOOUGH IDIOT

well the game's on my page so...

god this shreds, good work!!!

Cool, thanks for the heads up!

Howdy, first timer here, and I'm just wondering if it's bad form/poor etiquette to make assets beforehand? Specifically sprites and audio