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Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback, we're really glad you liked our game :D!

Fun game! I did notice that you can't really even cross any platforms unless you are running with shift, possibly you can give the player the option to automatically run if that's going to be the case. It was a challenging game but fun to beat.

Thank you for the suggestions! In terms of pixel art I will keep that in mind, there were a lot of objects that I resized and consistency should be key. For your second suggestion I really appreciate how you mention the minor detail about the "stray pixels" since it shows me how much people look into the quality of games and will also keep that in mind! And finally for the gameplay I did notice that the part after the checkpoint is very difficult (the checkpoint mechanic itself was a very last minute decision) but since it was a game jam I didn't want to leave it too easy, if we ever do more levels then I'll make sure to not have the difficulty spike as quickly as in this little demo that we made. Once again thanks for your feedback!

Very creative game! I liked the options that the player is given as to where they want to place each piece onto themselves to create deadly shapes as strategy. The learning curve was a little steep as I didn't know what to do at first then got mobbed by enemy characters but I was finally able to get the hang of it. This game kind of reminds me of games like and where you compete with others to become the biggest and strongest. Possibly you can add a feature where you automatically gain some of the limbs/weapons off of enemies that you defeat since manually having to place them is a little time consuming for this fast-paced game. Also the sound that the objects do whenever they die is a little too loud in comparison to the rest of the game. Other than that I really liked your game, keep it up!

Very interesting game, I really enjoyed the mechanics of the swing! One thing that I do recommend would be adding some sort of on-screen text or tutorial showing the player how to play since I didn't know that you can extend your rope with "Q" and then launch yourself with "E" because I didn't bother to read the directions until very late. Other than that I liked your game!

Thank you very much for trying out the game and for your feedback! We'll keep those suggestions in mind as we continue improving Flufffy Cat as well as for future projects.