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Weird idea but maybe you could make a pseudo cutscene system by letting developers prerecord Source engine demo type gameplay and then play it back as a level with text and descriptions or whatever.

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Your games aren't much better. Neither is your grammar, or your maturity. I could list more variables if you'd like.

Wasn't meant to be good. I could say the same about your website

PowaPress community · Created a new topic Problem

Hello! This is a really cool project; reminds me of making stupid presentations on PowerPoint with my friends. Unfortunately, I think I have run into an error. Sometimes presentations will export completely blank. I looked into the code and believe this is because when apostrophes or quotes are used in the text prompts, it bugs the HTML export due to the syntax of HTML. This is a really cool project, thanks!

This game is absolutely life changing, i love it with all my bones.

Meteor Boy has some thick arms

I love the juicy VFX you added!

Fun fact: If you fall into the hole near the end you can make it past the flagpole!

I sure hope so!

i made a little game with it, dialogue is shared between characters and characters swap places sometimes, but I still had a pretty good time with it.

Alright, thanks!

Hi, I have tried using a bunch of different printers and printing options, but the zines I print always end up being slightly smaller and not filling the page. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks, and amazing software!

I've been working on a game engine before the jam started, but haven't published it at all yet. Can I finish it and submit it? Thanks.

the first username I got was literally just "fat"

I know it's been a while but where did you find these?

Super interesting concept!

You're right, I just blanked on that. Thanks

I was trying to work on something with inp, but the prompt wouldn't show up. I reloaded the page and tested just an out script, but it still wasn't working. Is there something wrong with the code? Thanks! 

Are you still working on this?

this is genuinely inspiring imma go make a wick editor game


bro dance made me laugh out loud

what did you use to make this?

At some point you should share the text only version of bitsy, that would be pretty neat. I imagine it would be something like PuzzleScript.


no joke i tried it and it played

"somebody once told me"

i got shrek'd by a leitmotif generator lol

Are you still working on this?

is there a website or something that tells you what apps there are?

yeah i couldnt kill off the cat i just couldnt

one day, many years later, V1 will be released.

Is this inspired by Monkeys with Guns? Great game btw.

for some reason, where I click is like 5 units away from where it is placed. Maybe allow custom assett creation.

and the award for best single player mode goes to...

also who are you and how did you find this so fast

I love how it was submitted 4 days 20 hours before the end of the jam