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i like the game, but theres a bit too much motion blur

i'll try not to rip the plot wholesale, but its very good

i'll try not to rip the plot wholesale, but its very good

this is a dnd campaign in the making

how's 1.05 trillion?


nice game

why did the hammer say that, im not the dev, but here you go friend. this was in the desc, not sure if theres a resolution option


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movement is painfully slow, but the idea is fun. also the assets section is on screen, not sure if thats supposed to be there.

kings and cops :)

lovely! i enjoy the design.

is there a pronunciation guide? because im pretty sure i cant pronounce gyld, frvos, drysken, etc.

i get stuck at the point where you look over to clay, the screen sticks on him, and then gradually goes back to the movie, and nothing else

my mouse wont lock?

press z i think

i like the game, but the movement controls arent my favorite

lovely, pip is adorable

lovely, a bit unsettling

in level 6, the player doesnt react to the black square

very interesting!

good stuff

the puns are great

this is amazing

this is good stuff