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Spencer Winson

A member registered Jun 09, 2014 · View creator page →


Recent community posts

Great artwork all around, law and order midi is laffo 100%. By far the highlight though was when the intro sound effect woke our puppo up from her slumber and made her do bark at tv.

Good look all around. It made us sad.

I really like the looks and humour of the game, unfortunately i had to quit out halfway through as too much stuff was offscreen for me to keep playing.

Great deliverance on a first person atmospheric piece.

Woah, this game linked me to a really great podcast. thanks!

I generated several walls. They were good walls. :thumbsup:

The presentation of this is extremely polished and clean. Good look, good animation, good music. You really realized the game you set out to, and it would be interesting to see what a fuller version might be. We love local multiplayer!

The introductory text was a lot of fun and spoopy. The game feels like a throwback to maze games that i haven't played in a while. Great jorb!

Tenouttaten! Had me and GF laughing our butts off. Perfect voice acting, just, genius, you are scary good at the BS newage stuff. GREAT WORK!!!!!!

The visual presentation, the shades, the general design and vibe is top notch. Unfortunately playing on a combo keyboard/trackpad maybe not the best for FPW (first person wizard).  I'll be coming back for more!

Stylish as always, I'm pretty bad which feels embarrassing given i also have made a two stick controlled game.

Great visuals, design aesthetic. Good splorpy sounds too. For such a jelly filled game,  your style is super clean and communicative. Great work!

Well, I might have to come back  and prove my merit and beat this, but initial impressions are super impressed. Great sense of environment. Love the parallax in the background. Great sounds and models. Really good mood. 

Really like the lettered out pictures. A bit too much of a mystery for me to solve though.

Cool to see a game made in blender. That's a hella turnt dung beetle.

This game wanted more patience from me than i had, but all in all it was certainly a well realized vision the evokes the loneliness of driving.

Interesting challenge, I didn't coop it but still found it challenging for myself.

Great little piece of surreal gaming. Excellently crafted.

The writing was done excellently. Definitely emotionally challenging to read through.

Great game, such an interesting mechanic. Really liked all the different weapons. Great tunes.

This was super fun sucking thigns in to my house, and I loved the colalge of art styles.

Loved the writing. Loved the game within a game.

Too good, great writing, great mixtape. Good work gettign the community involved.

Great effort, definitely more to be explored here. I love local multiplayer.

Very sweet ending, good animal content.

Didn't realize it was turn based at first, felt a bit goofy once I did. Letting me hold down the arrow keys implied to me it was action. Had a bit more fun with it once i realized my mistake. Good atmosphere to boot.

I love the gameboy-esque palette. Certainly an interesting idea to use emoticons as a secret language, unfortunately I couldn't figure it out, and got stuck.

This is the Dark Souls of Wizard Jam. Seriously though, Love the art the music and the tough game design, tough but beatable. Such a valuable five minutes of gaming.

Very great doom clone, captures doom clone holistically. Interesting the mechanic the poop creates, more deadly than the robots full of bees.

Unfortunately the controls did not want to cooperate on my computer, but perhaps being confused and without agency is the true life as a dung beetle.

Well sad, I couldn't play as I do not have a Vive. Looked real cool.

I ecperienced my own undeath in version 1.0.1. V2 was definitely a more complete expereince. Great work all around.

This game was real tough, spinning and adjusting speed on the fly is a tough mechanic top master. Aesthetically too, well done.

The graphics are so great, I love the Barista's face. There's a really cool concept here with the decipherign ruens that could totally be investigate further. Great work!

I really enjoyed the game within another environment style, unfortunately I could not even begin to figure the puzzle game out. Oh well, would love to play more, maybe with a tutorial ;-)

I love jumping the car, it was deffo rad AF.

I liked drifting around and the setting reminded me of Skyroads.

I believe in Dot Gobbler. Sounds, music, looks, all this was great.

Great exploration of mechanics with sweet pixel art to boot.

The graphics, the colors, top notch. Cute cat.