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Thanks a lot. We're happy you liked the game :D

Thank you so much <3

Sorry for answering so late! The Fullscreenmode does in fact not work so we recomment to play it in wondow mode. But I hope that you were still able to play the game in the end :)!

Thank you so meowch! <3

Aw thanks, what an honor! <3 And yeah, hehe no judging phase from us - Art lies in the (cat)eye of the beholder.:D

Thank you so much for the feedback and input! (: 

Thanks! <3

Thank you! (: We're glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, this made our day! :D Thank you so much! And we are sorry about the bug! We'll try to fix it as soon as we can. (: 

Hey everyone!

We just released our little Global Game Jam Game - Pawlo Purrcasso
Restore broken paintings with your paws and save the exhibition - surely no one will notice the difference!:D

splish splash

If you like pixels, art, cats and wonky controls, you should definitely check it out! (:

Cheers and stay safe,
Team Spellgarden Games

That is so great to hear! Thank you <3

Thanks - that's exactly the mood we tried to achieve. (:

Thank you very much - it's really lovely to hear such feedback. <3

Thanks so much!

Muchas gracias - we're glad you enjoyed it. (:

Hey, thank you very much. (: We're happy you enjoyed our game. Those little breaks during the day are what we are aiming for. <3

Thank you so much! <3