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A++ would looksmax again

Did you ever figure it out? Would love to print my copy, but unsure of where to look.

it's like, coat hooks for your imagination, if your imagination was a coat~

thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the post! 

the patch notes: I scraped as many colony building game patch notes that I could, which mostly ended up being Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld with a bit of other stuff sprinkled in. Then I cleaned them a bit and trained a neural network (GPT-2) to output individual patchnotes for Peon Caravan. It's not outputting or training 'live,' though-- it would require way too much power. I just output thousands and thousands of them into Unity.

for the web version or the downloadable? let me know which one and I'll look into it 

oh there you are wrong, hideckies. the game has always already started.

really glad this project is making some people smile! thanks for the support

Glad you liked it :)

And thanks for the link! That's really great, and approaches things from a totally different direction than what I'm doing here.

write me your address, will send floppy disks with new VGA drivers ASAP

thank you! though I do think it's a game FWIW :o

"concept art"

thanks for the kind words!

not sure that I would play the games either, but I am working on another menu :)

would love to make them someday.

(Empires of Idleness is at the top of the list)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.