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I eagerly await the next edition of the game :) I think with some of the tedious parts removed, grinding through the levels is very satisfying.

Absolutely amazing. The rules are simple, intuitive, and engaging. The ambiance and style is wonderful as well. We easily forget we are inside a titan, but when the game is over, we remember the weight of our mission.

Nice concept and execution overall, but the manual parts during battles are tedious and not interesting. I'd rather select a loadout before the battle, not choose upgrade paths for the towers during the battle. Having to aim during level 4 is a dealbreaker for me. Especially since you have 4 towers and can only aim one at a time.

The better way to design Level 4 to incentivize aiming, is to let the towers auto-aim the adds, and if you want you can choose to manually aim the boss. You naturally gain a benefit from micro-ing your single-target tower on the boss, and maybe the single-target tower can have good anti-boss abilities. 

I wish I could just autocast ulti, and wish more of the items could stack instead of swap out. Would like gold to feel more impactful.

I believe I found a good ending. Reading your story gave me a great positive mood to end the night on. Thank you for a nice game :) 

Nice fun little game. Maybe you can add a scoring system based on the number of commands, or extra challenges limiting certain commands (for example, only pulse 2 times on certain levels might force you to take a different path with only 2 mines) 

Fun simple game! My two quality-of-life suggestions would be: when zooming in/out, zoom towards the center instead of 0,0. And hotkeys (1,2,3,4,5,6) for building

Goal not very clear. Does the player want a higher risk score or lower? 

Needs either a freeze mechanic or something to make < 3 gold useful. I was lucky and got 8 wins on my first game :). I am quite fond of the ball abilities, very creative! It's hard to predict or control the flow of battle which has its upsides and downsides...but nonetheless a very unique idea. 

in my personal opinion it takes too long to discover the mystery plants. since there are 3 decorations and 3 ground types, there are 24 combinations (3 ground * pot on/off * grass on/off * rock on/off), so it would be nice if there were 24 tiles available to have 1 tile of each combination.

I found another bug. After constructing many ships, newly constructed ships simply disappear and cannot be assigned to any fleet. 

- Fleets make it to Thilia and then glitch out and cannot be sent to Tuheron or even Crivo 
- Assigning ships to fleets is somewhat tedious. Assign-all or selecting a default fleet would be nice. Currently there is not really a use for multiple fleets. 

I appreciate the simplicity and the quick pacing of the game. The music and art style are relaxing and the interface is generally intuitive and easy to understand.

Cute intuitive game. Although the matching bonus is easy to guess, the extra card at 10 is harder to guess. Sometimes a complaint is that you might add 3 or 4 to 8 and expect to be left with 9 points (8+3-2) or get 2 extra cards (8+4-2-2), but I don't think it worked out that way. Despite this, trying to get extra cards is often worthwhile, since they are worth 2+, so you sometimes even forgo a matching bonus (+1). I managed 106

If you make it so that you can send multiple waves at once, that would be cool for speedrunning.

I like how the music sometimes syncs up with the lasers

It's a very creative idea. I hope you're very proud of it!

This was a cool idea and fun to play. If the dimension switching mechanic was easier to use (like being able to phase multiple selected units at once) then it might be more interesting. One approach would be to make the money in each dimension independent, so the best way to get started in a dimension is to bring the army from another dimension until you can get towers set up.

I think the game would be more fun if each swipe had a positive effect after the tower goes unstable. Because otherwise it just feels like a tedious task. For example, if the tower went unstable after a # of kills and the swipe made it so the next instability would happen at #+1 kills, that would be a great upgrade, that would make swiping unstable towers feel more rewarding. 

It would also be nice to be able to send multiple waves at once, or spend currency on something more expensive. I didn't leak until wave 60 with 30000 currency and decided to stop because 40 more waves was more grind than I wanted to put in.

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I like the mechanics of the game. I think there's a lot of potential for speedruns. Somewhere, it should be described that you can right-click or esc to get out of a planet. Also, it sometimes glitches when you try to click on a planet, it picks up a person instead for some strange reason. My least favorite mechanic is having to pick up people manually, maybe when a planet reaches population cap the people get harvested automatically.

Despite these minor suggestions I made, I want to stress that I really like the core concept of balancing O2 and heat and I love the added twist of elliptical planetary orbits to make the heat balancing more difficult.

Very cool game and game idea. The web version actually worked fine for me. 

Very cool game.

This was a really cool game. I really enjoyed everything about it. Gives me FTL course-plotting vibes!

I had a lot of extra materials. If you could buy/build things with materials that would be an interesting dimension to add. 

This was a cool game. A lot of cool ideas, like the way territory is captured, units becoming more expensive every turn to buy, the rules for how units are destroyed by the same level. It was very fun to play.

I don't totally understand how the modules boost each other, but they got out of hand quickly... I had a tower with infinity damage and 0 fire rate. 

the update somehow deleted my save, any way to get progress back?

I beat the game without ever rerolling. I built warriors -> knights -> 1x paragon, some thief-> 2x rogues, archer-> sniper-> 1x artillery, and got a samurai from the shop (no idea how to make one). I gave the artillery some awesome rare items which healed my whole team and stunned on attack, and gave the samurai a mugen cap hoping its double attack would trigger the mugen cap effect every time...not sure if it actually did. One of my rogues had two lifesteal claws which was also fun to watch. I really enjoyed the item-unit synergies that were possible, and I really like how each unit can have 2 items. Great game.

This is an awesome game. I love the mechanic of reloading towers + upgrading towers, and water and gold. There are a lot of interesting spells and temples too. 

There's a bit of a glitch when your deck size is less than your hand size and you can hold an empty card. 

I've beat hard mode massing a few of the tower types. I'd be really interested to see how other people can effectively use all 10 tower types (not all at once).

At first I thought that towers removed at the end of the round were not refunded, which would have been a very cool mechanic to increase the difficulty. As a result, I tried to beat each round with as few towers as possible. I later realized that they are refunded.

Currently there's a glitch(?) where multiple towers can be built on a single square, so you can build infinite towers if you want. 

I'm not sure when (if ever) the fossil fuels begin outscaling the player money+towers. Around round 30, I can afford 30x as many towers as I need to beat the level.

This is a nice intuitive simple game which could be more fun if it were made a lot harder.

didnt realize at first that more distant resources give more yield

Very cool game. I liked the wheel mechanic and the overall game interface is really crisp.

A timer would be cool! I'd replay this just to try to get a faster time. 

I also suggest pausing combat whenever an Accomplishment is earned. For example, after unlocking Mass Murder, a player might want to pause combat to get those upgrades to kill more voidlings at once rather than continue to spend nanobots less efficiently.

- start with 3 level2 generators, the 3rd one will cost 60 for an income of 2 which is a pretty good ratio
- and add leeches. the first will cost 100 for an income of 4 or 6 depending when you place it, you can see that it can be worth it to add it after your 2nd generator
- later on you'll want diagonal leeches around a generator surrounded by catalysts so you can abandon your original generators and start anew elsewhere on the grid when you reach 1000 

I like using this layout on the way to leader, then removing the top generator once I get taskmasters for the bottom one. More than 4 taskmasters is too expensive anyway, and you need the space for leeches and leaders. 

pretty fun

couldn't figure out how to see past version history to see all the previous perks earned--that would be cool 

actions seemed underwhelming