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Hi you can use this plugin for multiplayer games as well as chat.
(Remember, you also need the Firebase BASIC Plugin Pack.)

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Hi, do you mean you need Google Analytics?
Or do you just want to store some set of text in the database?

EDIT: Yes both are possible. For Analytics a new plugin pack is now available at:

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[UPDATED]: Yes, Firestore is available now

[OLD]: No, not yet. It supports Realtime-Database for now. But I am hoping to release atleast the BASIC version of Firestore within a week or three, which would include user data collection and leaderboards.

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Hey!! How did you do that!! 😮 That's cheating you know xD!! You are supposed to type numbers only!

Did I just kill time? xd

Beautiful game.

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Thanks Zamalk ^^

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Thanks ^^

its fun haha

Nice concept! Loved it

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Hi, its included in the package you purchased.
You just need to download Examples (03-May-21).zip.

(Also, I provide support in Discord. It's a great platform for Chats and Communities. Join Link: )

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I am glad you like it! Thanks for the advertising Haha ♥

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Hi, if it works on desktop browser, it should work on mobile browsers too.

Also try using some other actions at your "every 2 second condition" and check if these actions work properly. If not, it might be a Construct 3's bug.

However, I would suggest you to turn on the "Sync" option for Read Actions instead of reading every two seconds.

(Well, you can contact me via Discord as I get notifications when someone messages me there. )

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Thankyou so much :D ! I am so happy I recieved it!! Love! ❤

Ok so when the Payments are sent back to itch, the balance will show up again. Thanks so much. I feel so much relieved :)

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In my country Paypal receives payments only after upgrading to the Business account.
I got my payout sent to Paypal about 15 days ago. At that time I did not have the Paypal Business Account.
So I received an email from Paypal like this: "Before we can deposit the funds into your account, we need a bit more information about your account or recent transactions."...."Please provide the missing information by 28 January 2021, or the funds will be returned to the sender."

As soon as I received this email, I sought support from the Paypal community and upgraded my account to the Business one.
Now I am even receiving newer Payouts from itch. But my first Payout is not coming. :(

So my main Question is, if I do not receive the Payment from Paypal within 28th January 2021 and the funds are sent back to, how can I redeem my payment back?

(I had sent an email regarding this on 5th Jan, to itch support but didn't get any reply :( I know the support staff got really overwhelmed)


I see yeah, thats a necessary precaution then. Thanks.
Is it possible for a new feature- something like this to check purchases with ajax requests?

Hi, I want to make a simple customized HTML Sign In page with only one Email Input and a Button and check if the user has actually purchased my app using data from this link:

Is it possible to get the data using an XMLhttp request?

I am currently getting the following error:

CORS: No 'access-control-allow-origin' header is present

Does itch provide some way to allow Fetch the data from my domain?

Thanks :)

Unique concept, great game!

Thanks so much :)

Hi, I almost 20 years old and I need to complete the Tax Interview. 

The Tax Interview Address Form says "Do not enter a P.O. box or an in-care-of address" . But I am still living in care of my father as I do not own a residence. In this case, how shall I proceed with the Tax Interview?

Thanks in advance.

Looks beautiful

Sure Hasan. Will keep that in mind. Thanks for your support! :)

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Hi Hasan,

You can expect the release of early beta of Firebase Auth Pro this month. I guess you will be notified  by itch  when I upload the plugin as you have bought this one.  Or, maybe you can Follow me on itch.

However I won't be releasing Firebase Realtime Database Pro soon enough as its quite a large project.

And sorry you had to search a lot. Here's the discord link!

Thanks for supporting the plugin :D

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Hi Hasan,

Thanks for transferring the conversation to itch.

Using the Firebase Basic version, you can only Sign up/in with Email & Password/Username & Password. You might have noticed ["Browser-only"] above action categories in C3 editor. Such actions are only supported in browser.

The other modes of auth will have support on Android and iOS in the Firebase Pro version (5$), which will be released soon.

(Often there are discussions on Discord about the upcoming Firebase Auth Pro. Click here to view demo)

Kind regards,


Auth Basic plugin at this point supports Gmail login for HTML5 platform only. For Android you would have to use Email and password login.


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Yes you have to buy an upgrade for the Auth plugin separately. (It will be on this itch page, so you will have to pay extra around 4-5$ to gain access to the Auth Pro plugin file when it's available.)

There are several example c3p and Docs to support the plugins. Firebase is a bit complicated. So you can also join the Discord server for support.


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Hi, currently you can create an online High Score for HTML and Android.

But Gmail login for Android is a part of the Pro plugin, and it will be available soon. 

You will be able to purchase just the Firebase Auth Pro separately at a lower price (around 4$).

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Though this app doesn't provide full control over script files easily, it helped me understand how this whole plugin thing works. The generated plugins made me understand what each of the script files mean, their structure, and where to write codes so that it is visible in the C3 editor eventsheet and property bar and so that the whole thing works properly.

However, finally, C3 IDE by Piranha305 got me to the final version of my plugin because it allows full control over scripts, and makes it easier to test the scripts.

Thanks :)