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Thank you for checking it out! I just watched your video -- very fun stream and your enthusiasm for the games is infectious :)

Ok went back and played the original, then this one again, and managed to clear it  (46717) now I can unclench my butthole

"a bit harder" he said. I feel like it's way harder now! But it's so good, all of the improvements carried over from infinite are great. 21,434 is my best so far, haven't managed to clear it yet

I don't currently have any plans for an Android app (if pico-8 ever gets native Android support that would make it easier)

For now, the web version does work pretty well on Android. The latest patch improved the controls somewhat by eliminating accidental diagonals on the d-pad and double button presses. If you make the game full screen then it will work in landscape mode as well.

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Thanks for the kind words. I've added a note to the github gist releasing the code under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Might not be a typical license for software, but the minified cart is already under that license on the Lexaloffle BBS so I think it makes sense.

Thanks, I would have loved to add sound but since this was made for a jam with 1kb code limit and no pre-made assets, it would have meant cutting features and the sound would have ended up pretty basic anyway. If I ever make a more full-featured version it would definitely have sound. Thanks for checking it out!

I'd be happy to! I'm uhh.. recovering from COVID right now but should be back to 100% soon

Thank you and happy you enjoyed it!

Yes, I am planning an Android release but not sure when it will happen. Hopefully will have news to share soon

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you've enjoyed the game

I will add to this that even though I read that it said to click "resources" to build an exit, I was still confused by the tutorial because I thought "empty cell" meant a grid cell that didn't have anything in it yet (the green ones with white outline), and clicking on those there was no resources option, just "cell". I think the language used could be reworked to be less ambiguous.

Really creative stuff with a lot of subtle touches.

Nice atmosphere! This definitely brings me back to the NES era. I feel like it's a challenge to make video game music that's not annoying, and this could easily sit in the background on a loop without getting on my nerves.

This is some crazy stuff! Really liking the unpredictability of it -- Laces is my favourite.