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That was fun to play! Great job dev!

Which folder do you suggest?

That was actually really fun to play! I don't know the difference in my steps between Pet and 3 endings, but I actually had a lot of fun! Adrian's ending was surprising, but Luca gave me the common quiet/distant guy in an otome feel, but that's why I go for those characters first. Also, screw you and the Egbert scene! I'm a raging Arachnophobe and I freaked out just thinking about it. <3

After finally? finding the MAC game launcher, I get a dialogue box that pops up this: Last login: Wed Jun 22 01:45:45 on ttys000

Courtneys-MacBook-Pro:~ courtneycottom$ /Users/courtneycottom/Downloads/Mica\ Apoptosis\ -\ Chapter\ 3\ Package/MAC/MacOS/mkxp ; exit;

RGSS version 1 (XP)

GL Vendor : Intel Inc.

GL Renderer : Intel HD Graphics 4000 OpenGL Engine

GL Version : 2.1 INTEL-10.6.33

GLSL Version : 1.20

DebugLogger: no debug extensions found

Warning: No soundfont specified, sound might be mute

Warning: No soundfont specified, sound might be mute

ruby:1:in `eval': Section080:265: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')'

...nsert (BIO_CONFIG[:menu_index], :bio2) unless c.include? (:b...

... ^

Section080:265: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting keyword_end

...io2) unless c.include? (:bio2)) : c.delete (:bio2)

... ^ (SyntaxError)

EventThread termination requested

RGSS thread ack'd request after 0 ms

Shutting down.


[Process completed]


You really should take off the OS X symbol since basically I'll need to run Windows on my Mac, which defeats the whole purpose of filtering my results. You game sounds really cute, so good luck.

Got 4 different endings. Each was humorous, and I'm sad it was so short! I can't wait for the full demo to see this in action.