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make a community hero that has an ultimate that if it hits an enemy hero the other skill resets


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i just came back to check, 

:000 new hero!!

but they're still locked for p2 ( except Orianna )

Im making a fan art for one of the community heroes ^.^

man looking at my old comments make me sick xD

you're probably working on the locked CHampions to be playable in p2

In the future, will you add currency and voice acting ( for what I mean currency, heroes won't be free ._., you have to buy em sheesh, kind of a bad idea )

Well It doenst make any sense xD

Bunninja's Shuriken is bugged

Player 1 can only shoot 1 Carroken while Player 2 can onyl shoot 2 Carrokens, I have the screenshot placed some indicators to know where and who's Carroken is flying away off the map 


Is the update not finished???

Bunninja's Ultimate Info is not yet changed and the slashes doesnt do damage, well atleast you did a rework and its he looks cool right now :0

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You should nerf I'ceat

His basic attacks do double damage to an enemy, and with enough Attack, he cant just kill the enemy with basic attacks :(

Notice that the "Hit"word is purple which is Red and Blue, I believe that Red is basic attack and Blue is skill damage, sooo i guess the blue is the splash damage...

Oh and also the range of his 1st Skill has long range, pls lower it a bit...


There is a UI on top of the screen that doesnt do anything ._.

Can you add another upgrade?

Right Now there is just Attack, Movement Speed, and Health Regen

Do you mind adding Skill Damage and change the First upgrade to Physical Attack

Skill Damage will improve the Damage of the Skill and Ultimate while Physical Attack improves the damage of the Attack/Basic Attack....

Example : Bunninja is like an Assasin so he depends on his Skills to Take out an Enemy so he will need Skill Damage Upgrade and a Bit of Physical Attack Upgrade because of his Slash and Stab Passive...

Example : Archer is you know a marksman, so he depends on his Basic Attacks, so she will need Physical Attack and a bit of Skill Damage to boost his Skill and Ultimate...

I hope this will be in the game in the future :)

I encountered that bug too, i was using Orianna in Rapid Fire, the AI was the shotgun guy, i was gonna engage but those floating bullets forced me to stay under the turret :(

I expected Bunninja's Ultimate to be like this