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Can you add another upgrade?

Right Now there is just Attack, Movement Speed, and Health Regen

Do you mind adding Skill Damage and change the First upgrade to Physical Attack

Skill Damage will improve the Damage of the Skill and Ultimate while Physical Attack improves the damage of the Attack/Basic Attack....

Example : Bunninja is like an Assasin so he depends on his Skills to Take out an Enemy so he will need Skill Damage Upgrade and a Bit of Physical Attack Upgrade because of his Slash and Stab Passive...

Example : Archer is you know a marksman, so he depends on his Basic Attacks, so she will need Physical Attack and a bit of Skill Damage to boost his Skill and Ultimate...

I hope this will be in the game in the future :)

thank's for the feedback.

I already thought about adding attack speed and cooldown reduction, let's see what I can make with the damage types.

The idea for Bunninja also sounds quite fitting, let's see what I can change. I actually planned a small visual update for Bunninja anyway. (More detailed model)


By the way,  I just updated my game.

Adding: Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed in the Shop

Bunninja model rework and your ultimate suggestion (even though it looks pretty garbage right now)

It is not yet downloadable though, only in the browser version. Tell me what you think!