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Brilliant stuff! I pressed the button 20000 times before both my index fingers completely disintegrated.

I think you have a favourite kind of game

What if I want to buy it though :P

Okay but actually this is kinda a neat thing you got going on here. Love using explosives to jump across the map. 

Managed to get 63 cargo crates, despite the controls wearing me out!

Can I buy this

Nice :)

Raveyard DLC when

You love your absurd rpgmaker games, don't you Damien?

Also I can't help but notice the similarities between the loot and NFTs...


Can you make this actual Baba DLC? Thanks

This is a game.

God damnit this is excellent 

This is really really good btw. I hope you continue doing godot stuff!

Gonna be honest, I didn't even realise Dark Screen was a mistake submission.

10/10, good supplementary adventure for any kitchen role-playing

This should go well with my kitchen role-playing sessions!

What a nice friend!

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I'm personally submitting mine on Thursday, as it has a date restriction built in for the bonus criteria.

But yeah, Damien's game jams are just for fun and getting something out there. No contest, no pressure, just motivation and an opportunity. Can't wait to see your game!

This is what Hotline Miami 3 would look like.

An On-rails platformer. I love it.

Why do the coins look like candy????

This is frustratingly good. Almost like a puzzle game trying to navigate the game.


Beautiful level design.


I bet this game is unbeatable.

Great absurdity without sacrificing quality!

Steam at least has a somewhat higher barrier for uploading games, and makes it harder for throwaway accounts. (paperwork signing, bank and tax information, identity verification, and deposit fees of $100 per game)

Itch appears to have none of that as a requirement. Obviously I'm not asking for them to add required paperwork/bank stuff, but higher verification for uploading a game compared to creating an account would be nice.

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Could you perhaps start limiting what new accounts can upload, or have better verification? I just got someone trying to get me to "beta test a game" they uploaded in a RAR format, saying that zip doesn't work. Both the "game" & account were created half an hour ago! Surely it's not that easy to upload malware, right??


Love this game, wish I knew about it without this bundle existing.